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New Almond on the go!

Last week we were at my parent’s house and, as typically happens when we’re there, the kids get a lot of special treats they wouldn’t normally get at home.  One of those treats was juice boxes.  They’re not a staple in our household at all so the kids got their fill of juice while we were away.  Now that we’re back home, of course they are asking for juice boxes but I don’t feel ok giving them juice in place of milk or even water which has far more benefits than a sugary juice box product.

I remembered that Almond Fresh recently announced their new product: Almond on the go!  They come in a 3 pack of 250ml serving sizes which are perfect for the backyard, lunch box, or bag at the park.  Available in original and chocolate flavors, this is a great way to give your kids a box drink on the go without loading them up with sugar.  Actually, Almond Fresh products are nutritionally equivalent to milk!  So much better than a sugar filled juice box.

You can find more information, including nutritional information, at the Almond Fresh FAQ!


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