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Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

I had a love-hate relationship with our old sandbox.  My older two kids loved playing in it and we found a great spot for it in our yard, in the shade.   The problem was that they’d often forget to cover it when going inside at the end of the day and our neighborhood cats would use it as a litter box (gross!)  So, this year we decided “no sandbox” which I felt bad about – especially since my youngest at 15 months is at such a fun age to play with sand toys.

Then, Little Tikes shared the Big Digger Sandbox with our family!

The Big Digger Sandbox is a beach-in-a-box as I call it.  It’s not a large sandbox that kids can climb in, realistically (though my toddler has tried!) but it gives kids enough sandbox play space inside, that kids can comfortably, and happily play on the outside.   The best part?  When it’s time to go inside it’s easy to close the lid.

I know the question arises – why is this lid easy for the kids to close when the other sandbox wasn’t?  It’s simple.

The Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox is small enough that it fits upon our deck and therefore it’s always something we see (instead of being in the corner of the yard, forgotten at the end of the day like our old one).

This sandbox would also be really useful for people who live in apartment buildings with limited deck space (provided you don’t have someone living below you, they may not appreciate the sand shower!)

You can find the Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox at Toys R Us and other retailers, at a suggested price of $49.99 CDN.

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