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I. Love. This.

This is such a timely image! I have several friends who have recently jumped into social media more than they were comfortable with before. Everyone (except my parents, it seems) has a Facebook account but that’s where social media rests with many. Pinterest is huge right now.  Twitter is intimidating, my friends have said, yet more and more of them have ventured into this unknown – and are loving it.

Let’s look at blogs.  Many people say to me, “I wish I could do what you do,” and that’s where the conversation ends.  When I start telling them that they can do what I do, it’s just going to take some time to grow your site, your followers, and your influence, it’s as if my words are like the teacher’s on Charlie Brown.  Woh-woh-woh…

Yes, it’s intimidating starting a blog when there’s, literally, millions out there.  Sure, you may not have anyone but your best friend and spouse reading it for awhile.  But that’s ok.

What if The Bloggess had never put her first hilarious thought to the web? (what would our lives be like without the big metal chicken?)

Everyone starts somewhere.  The point is to just start.


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  • Knock knock mother f$&@er!! Hilarious!
    I’m am one of those late bloomers and also highly commend it to others. It’s truly unlike anything else but it is the way the future is going so best jump on board now.

    • Is that the first time you’ve read that post? I hope it was me who got to introduce it to you. =) You’ll find yourself telling people the story of the metal chicken and they’ll look at you funny until you say, “Ok, you just need to go read it.”

  • Love that post. 😛 Still cracks me up. Didja read the 2012 update? And I hear she has a book out! “Let’s pretend that Never Happened”…just ordered it via the library…can’t wait to read it….