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Teethease – Jewelry For Mom, Teething Toy for Baby

I’m a bit of a zombie mom today – my youngest (13 months) was up from about 3:30-4:00am crying for no explicable reason, other than my theory that her teeth are bugging her.  She is getting 2 more right now and of my 3 kids, she is the ‘worst’ teether, in that it bothers her more than it did the others.

The idea behind products like the above from Canadian company Teethease, is that mom can wear some cute jewelry while out with baby and baby can have something to gnaw on without mom panicing about what’s going in his mouth.  Teethease jewelry are made of FDA approved medical grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, latex, heavy metals, phthalates and meets the highest international safety standards (EN-71).

What does this mean?  It means when going out mom can throw on a piece of jewelry that’s fun and fashionable and baby has something at the ready to gnaw on when in the cart at the grocery store (no dropping the teething toy on the floor, hooray!)  Teethease are also hypoallergenic and they’re dishwasher safe – yes moms you can put your jewelry in the dishwasher!


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