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Skechers for Dad

Does your husband like to shop for his own clothes or is he happy to just wear whatever you happen to pick up?  Mine has been driving me crazy lately – he desperately needs new jeans (I say!) and I’ve offered several times to buy them when I’m out but he keeps telling me no, he doesn’t need them.  Ugh.  I’ve threatened to give away his old jeans to charity so he has no choice but to buy new ones and he still says there’s no need for more jeans.

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine the other weekend when they attended a BBQ.  Not paying attention, they jumped in the vehicle for the two hour journey and only discovered when they arrived that the husband was wearing a horrifically ugly pair of gardening shoes.  Off he went to the local mall to find a pair of shoes (the happy ending to this story is that he found such a great sale he got 2 new pairs!)  It brings me back to my original discussion – if guys would just let us do the shopping, we wouldn’t have to deal with ugly ripped jeans and gardening shoes.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to give your husband’s (or dad’s) wardrobe a makeover in the form of a fabulous father’s day gift!  I was thrilled when Skechers Canada allowed me to choose 2 new styles of sandals for my husband this summer.

The style above, Men’s Wavers Waited Sport Sandals, are perfect for every day wear to get the kids from school or go out to a ballgame.  My decision was helped by the great reviews these shoes got from customers right on the Skechers website.  My husband likes how roomy and cool they are, and also how consistent Skechers is with their sizing – you can order Skechers online knowing that they will fit!

The other style I picked for him, Men’s Ribble Benard, are a more casual sandal for beach, backyard, and BBQs.  Like the other style, there’s plenty of mesh fabric to ensure feet breathe and the cushioned comfort footbed ensure dad’s feet don’t get store chasing the kids all day.

I know that with Skechers sandals, the shoes are going to be durable to last through more than one summer, and still look great.  The design of the sandals, making them ultra durable and breathable, ensures I won’t have to throw them out after one season due to odor either!

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