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Springtime Smoothie

Is just me or has this spring been super-busy so far? I know that as the kids get older and activities increase so is our household craziness.

Spring activities have started, school is still in full force, and work is piling up.  All good things, it’s just a matter of learning balance (some days I feel like I’m toodling around like my 1 year old, wandering from one project to the next!)

One of my husband’s favorite on-the-go snacks for the kids (and us) is a fruit smoothie.

Packed full of nutrition you can increase the nutritional value even more by adding a variety of different things to it to make it even more flavorful and healthy.

First, we start with Greek yogurt now.  It’s got more protein than regular yogurt and is so creamy!  Here are a few things you may not normally think to your smoothie recipes to increase nutritional value even more:

1) spinach
2) ginger
3) cocoa
4) peanut butter
5) flaxseeds

I’m sure there are many more out there.  We use a peanut butter alternative because of my 4 year old’s nut allergy – there are many substitutions that can be made (soy, for one) making smoothies a great snack for everyone as long as you’re creative.  Oh, and skip the ice when possible – frozen fruit works so much better than ice that will just water down the flavor!

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