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Skechers For Him Giveaway!

The Skechers Womens Boots giveaway has been really popular so far – and why shouldn’t it be? Winning a fabulous new pair of winter boots will make one reader really happy this December!  I, myself, was excited to hear I would be receiving Skechers Boots to review, though I felt bad for my husband since so many of the awesome items that come into our household for review are for me or the kids.  So, when I asked Skechers Canada about a Mens Boot review for the holidays, and they agreed, I felt like Mrs.Claus a little bit!

He picked the Skechers Earth Pounder Merino Boots after checking out the selection online  (though not as big as the Skechers Womens Boots choices, there’s still some great styles to choose from.

My husband needs a sturdy, warm and supportive pair of boots for work and typically orders from the same place as many of his coworkers – these boots from Skechers ended up being perfect as work boots (he originally thought they’d be everyday boots) so he was happy that he ended up with boots for work.  Skechers, of course, are known for their comfort and quality so no breaking in period needed either.

Another bonus, these boots are lined with faux fur while typically his work boots are not.  The shock absorbing midsole ensures his feet stay comfy all day long.

Looking for Skechers boots for your man this holiday season?  Use the Where to Buy link on the Skechers site to find a store near you!



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