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Time for Kids: That’s Incredible! The World’s Most Unbelievable Facts and Records!

Time For Kids continues the success of That’s Awesome to create That’s Incredible, a book filled with brand-new and impressive facts combined with colorful and attention-grabbing photos and illustrations about the marvels of the world. The new 208-page, full-color hardcover book is written in clear, authoritative, and engaging language, with photos to fill the pages. Kids are guaranteed to say “Wow!” and have “Aha!” moments as they discover cool and incredible facts, figures and records.

For the past week, Elijah (7) has been following my husband and I around the house, or catching us in the kitchen while we make dinner, or settling in for a snuggle before bed, and spouting off a myriad of facts he’s learned from his new book.

He loves books like this!  His Time for Kids: Book of Why book that he received this spring is so worn in, the sign of a much loved, much read book.  If you have a child that is always asking “why? how?” this is a book guaranteed to put a huge smile on their face.

Look for Time for Kids: That’s Incredible! at  In Canada you can find several other Time for Kids titles at (I’m bookmarking for Christmas, I had no idea how many titles were released, yay!)


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  • My youngest loves that kind of books. I’m bookmarking for Christmas too. The most incredible thing is that he remembers a lot of those facts. His bed time stories is me reading from an encyclopedia about animals and another one about volcano, earth quake, tornado. Our boys would have a lot to talk about lol. Thanks for the Christmas idea. 🙂

    • Awe they sure would Josee! The random facts he tells us just make us shake our heads. Love it!