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Body Slimming Wraps? Yes, please.

It Works (smart choice in a name!) is a home based business opportunity that started in 2001 focused on “providing professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at affordable prices”.  The products at It Works consist of Body Slimming, Skin Care and Supplements – all things women in my demographic have an interest in (again, smart choice for this company!)

Body wraps have gained a lot of press in recent years – the practice of wrapping ones body to help rid toxins and slim down is not new.  Actually, it takes back, some say, thousands of years and it’s immensely popular as a spa treatment.  If you can’t afford the spa often enough to make a practice of it (and who of us can?) but want to learn about and experience some of the benefits of body wraps, the Ultimate Body Applicator body slimming wraps from It Works might be worth looking into.

Made with all natural active ingredients, the Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver tightening, toning and firming results when applied to the skin.  The company says you can see results in 45 minutes.  And they’re not the only ones – the site has a testimonials section full of people claiming this product brings results.

The independent distributor I spoke to here in Canada is really excited about her first month of results using the product.  She told me that she’s seen results, noticed the “roll” over her c-section scar has decreased considerably, and is fitting into pants she couldn’t fit into in June.  Sounds like something worth investigating a bit further I’d say, especially since it’s brand new to those of us in Canada (it’s only been available here for 2 years, but for 10 in the US).

Interested in learning more?  The company’s website, It Works, is available at the link and you can also follow Independent Distributor Heidi’s Facebook page as well.  You can also inquire further about how you can sign up to be a distributor as well (I’m picturing body wrap parties with moms…!)


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