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Corn Salsa

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  • I do a similar one! I use left over corn on the cob-either boiled or grilled and then cut off the cob. I always make a cob or two extra!

    Tennille’s Bean & Corn Salsa

    This is a wonderful way to use up leftovers! Add or omit whatever you fancy.
    Could be nice over a chicken breast also!

    ½ Can rinsed black beans
    1 cob corn (I had boiled and grilled but whatever you have left over)
    1 ripe avocado chunky diced
    1 roma tomato diced(try to remove most of the wet stuff)
    ½ a coloured pepper diced(orange, yellow whatever)
    A couple of slices of onion very finely diced
    Cilantro if you have it(I didn’t)
    Lime juice to taste(I had the bottled stuff and just squirt away)
    Epicure Guacamole &/or Salsa seasoning to taste
    Tiny bit of sea salt to taste

  • This looks wonderful! I am going to try and make it for a BBQ next weekend. My kids will love it too, because they are huge salsa fans!