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Canadian Tire Home Crew Mission #2 Complete!

My second Mission as part of the Canadian Tire Home Crew was to choose 3 areas in my bathroom that I could use the supplied Shark Portable Steam Cleaner.  I picked our shower, jet-tub, and vanity sink taps to steam clean.

Here’s a reminder of all the features of the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner, currently available at Canadian Tire stores in the House & Home section for $99.99.

  • This portable steam cleaner’s patented Steam Pocket technology allows you to clean, sanitize and deodorize in one step
  • Interchangeable quick-release hand tools are specifically designed to clean flat surfaces in addition to those hard-to-reach and tight spaces that traditional cleaning methods miss
  • Weighing only 3 lbs and with over 10 accessory extensions, you have a lightweight, versatile steam system to clean, sanitize and deodorize multiple surfaces and areas
  • This portable steam cleaner can be used on all sealed hard surfaces to clean and sanitize without the use of harsh chemicals
  • 20′ (6 m) power cord
  • Super-heated steam cleans and sanitizes, leaving surfaces virtually dry

Obviously, a bathroom is a prime place to find bacteria (though interestingly enough, you’re likely to find more in your kitchen, ew) so a steam cleaner is an excellent option for those who want to ensure their bathroom is bacteria free but don’t want to use a ton of chemicals for various reasons.

Using the Squeegee attachment (one of 10 accessories that come with the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner), I was able to steam clean the shower surfaces and clear off any excess moisture right away.  A recent comment from a reader asked about the weight of the product and if having to keep the button depressed for steam was an annoyance.  The appliance is 3 pounds which isn’t all that heavy in my opinion.  Holding down the steam button while cleaning isn’t bothersome either, and I guess I am used to it from other appliances I have that require the same to use.  Actually, because of it’s small size I find the product really easy to use.

I left the jet-tub cleaning task to my husband (it’s amazing how helpful men are when there’s a new toy to try!)  I find our large tub really annoying to clean because there’s so much surface to cover and we don’t have a detachable nozzle on our faucet so I can’t spray down the sides of the tub after they’ve been cleaned with a chemical cleaner.  I rinse it by pouring water on the surface but I’m always paranoid there’s still residue there when the kids bathe.

By using just steam to not only clean but sanitize the bath tub, I am confident that the kids don’t have any chemical left in the water when they are having a bath yet I know the tub is clean.  Plus, no scrubbing required (even less if you can get your husband to do it!)

The steam got in between my faucets nicely and helped get out the grime that was dried on (I wiped with a dry cloth, after).  More than that, I know that the area has been steam cleaned and any bacteria that was lurking in those hard to reach areas is now eliminated.

My 2 Missions using the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner from Canadian Tire are now complete!  It’s been fun trying out this product in two rooms in my household and seeing what the power of steam can do!

I am a chosen member of the Canadian Tire Home Crew and, as such, receive product for review and an honorarium for my participation. This sponsored Home Crew post highlights my stories & tips with promotional consideration made possible by Canadian Tire. If you want to uncover your home’s true potential, stay tuned to the Home Crew for my missions!

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