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Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor

It’s funny – my oldest and youngest are (almost) 7 years apart and in that time there have been so many changes and advances in products for infants that it can make your head spin.  I can’t imagine what it is like having children further part that that, and I now have a new understanding of why so many grandparents are seemingly out of the loop.

With my first I had a standard baby monitor – a base part that was kept in the nursery and a plug in (with battery option)  unit that I could take with me throughout the house.  That was it.  When Nevaeh came along in 2007 I learned about video monitors and was really eager to try one.  I purchased one from eBay from some company overseas.  It was really cute but due to some sort of interference in my household I could never get a clear picture for long.  Still, I loved the monitor (and what I could make-out on the screen itself when it worked!)

This time, I wanted something better.  Something perfect.  When I saw how well the Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor worked last summer when a friend had one, I knew that was the one!

The 2.5″ color monitor screen is a nice size and makes it easy for parents to see baby without squinting!  I’m thrilled with how clear the reception is (I really suffered with the crappy reception on my old monitor so the clear screen is truly remarkable for me!)  Here is where the real bells and whistles come in with this monitor – it has a pan/scan/zoom feature allowing the parent to see the child regardless of where she scoots in the crib.

Wondering if the soother is near enough for her to grab without you having to sneak in and give it to her?  Use the zoom feature!  I love love love this feature of the monitor.  The pan/scan feature allows you to actually scan the room, not just the crib.

Before the baby arrived, we tested the monitor in the older kid’s room – it was awesome being able to pan from one bed to the other in the room.  This monitor, therefore, can be useful for years in a household.  I have plans to use this one in our toy room (which is downstairs) once we no longer use it in the nursery – what a great way to keep an eye on the kids.

This monitor is 100% digital which means you can relax knowing that your neighbors can’t see what’s on your screen even if they have a similar device (have you heard stories about things overheard on the old baby monitors…I sure have!)  If you love the monitor as much as I do and want to use it in more than one room of the house – the Best View Handheld can work with up to 4 cameras so you can watch the kids in several rooms.

The range on the camera is up to 400′ which is crazy!  There are not many times I can say I’d be that far from my sleeping baby, but it can happen!  For example, I remember one time when my son was a baby and we were at a family reunion in a large yard – I put my little guy to sleep in the house and had a lot of trouble hearing him on our basic monitor even 200′ away.  This monitor would be so ideal for situations like that.

1 of my readers is going to win a Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor from Summer Infant ($279.99 in Canada and $199.99 in the US).  To enter, visit Summer Infant and tell me what other item from the site interests you.

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