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Yubo Lunch Boxes

Yubo encourages you to play with your food.  Well, not really, but they encourage both kids and adults to have fun with lunch while not being wasteful by using their eco-friendly, bpa free, personalized and dishwasher safe lunch boxes!  When was the last time you were able to put your kid’s lunch kit into the dishwasher?  Yeah, me neither. The parents that founded Yubo were continually frustrated not only by the amount of waste making lunches was creating (all those little bags) but also about the crumbs and other scary things that would be stuck in the corners of their kid’s lunch kits.  So, they decided to make a better lunch kit and Yubo was born!

Yubo Lunch Boxes come with a custom built icepack (which I love because it’s nice and flat, horray!), 3 sizes of containers to fit a variety of food, and the most unique part of these lunch boxes, a completely customizable, and changeable, face plate!

Personalize the Lunch Box Faceplate any way you like – either by choosing one of your favorite designs from the site and adding your child’s name or nickname, or you can even personalize your Lunch Box with one or several photos.

Yubo Lunch  Boxes make great gifts for kids who love to express themselves!  If your little diva or sports star loves sharing their personality with the world, Yubo may be a good place to check out!  Yubo can ship worldwide!


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