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Little boys love anything with wheels!  From the age of about 1, they seem to gravitate towards their toy cars, trains, and airplanes and will point out the car window at construction vehicles with wide eyed wonder.  Of course, all toddlers have a bit of this fascination in them, but it seems that boys have more of an obsession with it than girls (based on my own completely unscientific observation having a boy and a girl).

Shirts That Go has a fun selection of kids t-shirts that celebrate all things that GO and they’re a hit with little boys (and girls)!  Check out the About Us page on the site for information on how Shirts That Go came to be.  I love reading the About Us page on sites, it really gives you an idea of the people behind the company.

Featuring trains, cars, fire trucks, airplanes, bulldozers and more, Shirts That Go also takes the extra step in packaging their products in really fun boxes that the kids can play with after.

The t-shirts range in size from size 2 to 12 and all are $22.00.  Shirts That Go offers free shipping on all orders within the US and also offer volume discounts starting at just 2 shirts.

We were sent the Kids Red Fire Truck t-shirt and Kids Fighter Jet t-shirt, both in size 8 for Elijah who is 6 (the shirts do run small) and they fit perfectly.  The cotton is a nice, soft, lightweight cotton which is really nice to see (I hate when you order a shirt online and the cotton is rough and poor quality).  Elijah wore his shirts to school proudly over the past few weeks.

If you have a little boy on your gift list that is obsessed with all things that GO, Shirts That Go would make the perfect gift this holiday season.  In general most orders are received within 7 days of placing the order (processing time of 1-3 days and shipping of 3 days), but of course with the holidays it  gets busy, so make sure you order early!

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