My Fabulous Life

I’m Packing Up!

You may notice something funny when poking around my blog over the next little while. I’m getting an extreme makeover! I have been debating the move to WordPress for awhile now but never really felt the need to move. I think now is a great time to pack my bags, though!

I’ve been looking to do a redesign of my blog recently, and then figured if I was doing one step I may as well take the plunge and move over. Though it’s scary I keep hearing from people how easy it is once you are moved over and how you will wonder how you ever survived without WP. I sure hope that’s the case (Gah!!!!)

So, if things look a little funny for awhile, forgive me while I get my bearings and get settled in. Domain will remain the same, it will just look a little different once I get switched over and then again in a few weeks when I get a facelift!


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