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And the Renovations Continue…

It’s a long weekend here in Canada, and people are busy getting their yards and flowerbeds ready for summer. In our case we’re still getting our house ready just the way we like it! We moved in mid-March and are still doing home renovations!

The current project is our downstairs bathroom. My husband completely gutted it, like pulled down the drywall and everything and started from scratch (there was some water damage and mold on one of the walls, I’m not sure what his excuse was for pulling down the others). So, the flooring is in (lino that looks like tile and I love it…and the price difference!) and the first coat is on the walls. Later this week he will be putting in the fixtures (shower, toilet and vanity) and it will be complete!

Then, we move on to our upstairs bathroom. I have to post some before pictures of that beauty. It’s hideous! Like “enter me in a contest for most hideous bathroom” kind of hideous! I am on the hunt for this room though, anyone have any suggestions (in Canada) for places I can buy bathroom vanities other than Home Depot? I am loving the dark wood ones with dark marble or granite tops like this one – expensive but so pretty!

Someone said, for resale value of a house, the kitchen and (main) bathroom are important so I’m prepared to spend $ to make it perfect. I just don’t know where else to look?


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