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BonnBonn Baby (closed)

I’ve found a company after my own germo-phobe heart! BonnBonn baby has a great selection of products including clothing, bedding, and even change table covers. The absolutely knock-your-socks off feature of these products? They are all naturally antimicrobial!

Featuring moisture wicking control with EcoFreshâ„¢ Certified antimicrobial protection, BonnBonn baby clothing naturally keeps your baby dry should she have a diaper overflow at night, or spill yet another sippy cup of water on her shirt. How cool (excuse the pun) is that? The antimicrobial protection means that between washing, your baby’s clothing and bedding wil be free from odor causing bacteria and fungus.

The appeal of antimicrobial protection became apparent to me when I saw that BonnBonn Baby sells change table covers. Oh. My. Gosh. When was the last time I washed my daughter’s? Unless it is obviously dirty I’d say I wash it about every 10 days. What ends up on that fabric in 10 days that I can not see? I don’t want to know the answer to that one! We have been happily using the BonnBonn Baby change table cover for about 10 days now. Yes I’m still going to wash it in the usual time frame but I feel a lot better knowing I’m using this product than the usual change table cover I had before.

A onesie is a great idea for wearing under pajamas, as the onesie is the first line of defence against wetness overnight. This way, should a diaper leak, the moisture wicking fabric on BonnBonn Baby onesies will keep baby dry.

Another item we are now using is the Infant and Toddler Sheet. This is a fitted sheet that we use in the crib, in place of the usual cotton crib sheet. I wish we had used this all along. Now that my daughter makes it through the night without diaper leaks, the full value of such a great product can be missed. How many times have you been woken up by a wet baby crying in the crib? Wouldn’t a sheet that actually pulls moisture away have been a lifesaver then? Right now, the benefit of this sheet comes from the antimicrobial features more than anything.

Another item we received is the Tiny Blanket. It’s about the size of a receiving blanket and can be useful right from birth.

The antimicrobial fabric inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, making this item not only a useful blanket but also a great changepad on the go, burp bloth, etc.

What a great company, with great innovative ideas. If you know someone expecting who is a germo-phobe like me, I’m telling you *this* is a gift that will be appreciated. Even if your expecting friend isn’t as nutty as me, any mom can appreciate unique items from BonnBonn Baby.

Before you go to the site to shop, make sure you write down the coupon code FEISTY. This will get you 20% off your order at BonnBonn Baby until the end of May!

BonnBonn Baby would like to offer readers the chance to win a great item from their online store. 1 reader will win their choice of onesie (up to 18-24 months) or tee (up to 4T) in the trim color of their choice.

To enter, just go to BonnBonn Baby and take a look around. Tell me which product you think you, or someone you know, would use the most.

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