Get those pictures into an album already.

If you’re like me, your pc is loaded with pictures from your digital camera (why take one picture of your adorable baby on a slide when you can take…oh…40?) and you keep meaning to develop them and put them into an album (or if you’re really insane, a scrapbook) but it never seems to happen.

With one or more kids hanging off your pant legs and possibly eating the crud on the corner of your shoe, standing at a kiosk in Costco and chosing pictures of a USB key isn’t a good option. I’ve been developing pictures online with Costco or Superstore for awhile but the other half of the equation is actually getting to the store to pick up said photos.

The answer? Get them mailed to you from Hong Kong! No, really. ArtsCow.com is a fabulous site that offers great quality prints (vibrant colors, good paper quality, etc.) for much less than you’d pay at a local store, even with shipping added. Currently 4×6 prints are 6 CENTS EACH and 5×7 prints are 12 CENTS EACH.

But wait (ok I had to do that, it’s my infomercial I’m allowed to), when you sign up (using my referral link of course), you get 50 free 4×6 prints and 50 free 5×7 prints for the first 4 months of membership. You just pay the shipping, which is $3.99 for the 4×6 (8 cents/print, if you break it down), and $5.99 for 5×7 (12 cents/print).

I really love this site! You can also make a ton of photo gifts like keychains, mousepads, letter openers, etc. Also, once you refer friends to join, you can earn free items.

Right now, I’m just putting the finishing touches on a photobook, I’m doing one with all the photos from my pregnancy and N’s birth. From what I hear, the quality of these books far surpasses what you’d find on other sites. I will post pictures when I receive it! The price? FREE with $7.99 shipping!!

Here is a link to the message board on the site with pictures of photo books received. I’m so excited about these now and am thinking CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! http://forum.artscow.com/ShowPost.aspx?ThreadId=8265

So, check it out and start developing that pile of photos you have on your computer…free up some space!

Referral link: http://www.artscow.com/default.aspx?Ref=367168

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