Why a blog?

Since quitting my job in 2004 and deciding to stay home full time with my son, I’ve had to find some creative ways to save money and find little treats for myself. At that time, my husband was barely making $11 an hour and things were tight! Most of our money went to bills and food, and instead of feeling bad about not being able to buy a new wardrobe each season, I found ways to get items much cheaper than I thought, or entirely free!

Four years later and I’m a SAHM of two beautiful (if I do say so myself!) children, and hubby is making a great income making it much easier to have a single income family. However, I think it’s negligent on my part (as the one who RUNS this household) to not find ways to save money or cut corners when at all possible. Frankly, it’s become a bit of an addition.

I’m often emailing friends with referrals to great websites for freebies or greatly-discounted items. Sometimes I feel like I’m bugging them, other times I forget to tell my friends about a deal or think that I already have. So this is my place for sharing with you all that I find that is frugal (and fabulous too!). The feisty part is just for me. 😛

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