Don’t you dare Google anymore!

Why use Google for all your searches when Google does nothing for you? Why not get a treat for something you do anyway?

I used to Google everything (psst, did you know you can Google yourself, or whomever you want to stalk, by putting their name in quotations “name”) and when I found this site through a referral, I changed my bookmarks.

Searching through Swagbucks.com gets you points randomly…so while one search will just display the results, the next one may get you a super duper Swag Buck! These add up! 55 swag bucks can get you a $5 Starbucks gift card or $5 Amazon.ca gift card.

It doesn’t take long at all, especially when it’s something you’re going to do regardless. AND, as with most of these programs out there, referrals are where it’s at. When you refer someone, and they search and win a Swag Buck, so do you! This is really one of those rare opportunities where, if you can get your friends to sign up as well, you can sit back and watch the Swag Bucks roll in, and redeem them for treats for you!

The main thing to do is to remember to use this site to search, instead of Google, so I’ve made the site one of my home pages so it opens for my automatically (the less thinking this sleep deprived mama has to do, the better). Also, use the search to open up pages you already go to. Instead of typing in Facebook in your brower, do a search for Facebook on this site instead – it’s one extra click.

Email me: elijahsmom04 at sasktel.net to get a referral to the site. I tried posting the link here but one of my referrals who clicked on it didn’t end up in my ‘tree’ and I lost out on the points, boo!!!

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