A treat for your man….

Hubby used to shake his head at the glee I’d experience getting a freebie in the mail. A few of you have been on the receiving end of the great freebie from Schick Intuition two summers ago (6 free razors to send to your friends, and so on and so on). Now, when I get something free in the mail for him, he’s quite accepting and usually says, “Wow, you should get more!”

So, here is a freebie for the men in our lives. We benefit too, though, as a smooth face is much more kissable.

Save.ca is a great source for coupons, so try and remember to check back often to the site. The real deals are in the hidden links like this one that you won’t find by going to the normal save.ca site. After you add this coupon to your basket for $10 off a Gillette Fusion Razor (currently $9.98 at Walmart = free), you will be directed to the regular save.ca site to add other coupons to your cart. Enjoy!


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