Pampers Coupons

Before I link to the Pampers coupons, remember London Drugs allows you to coupon stack. So, if you have three different Pampers coupons (for example, one from this link that is mailed to you, one from a flyer insert, and one from a direct mailing from Pampers) you can use all 3 towards one purchase, taking down the price considerably. Currently, the regular price of Pampers is about $16.97 give or take. With coupon stacking, there’s no reason why you should pay more than about $10-$11 for a pack of diapers (including Huggies, lots of coupons out there for them as well).

I have friends who use Kirkland brand diapers (made by Kimberly Clark, who makes Huggies, so they are essentially the same) and have heard good things about Parents Choice and Teddy’s Choice diapers (Walmart and Superstore). With using coupons, I can buy Pampers or Huggies for the same price, or less than, the store brands. Plus, with Pampers I get Pampers Points and Futura Rewards, but more about that later!

Here is the link to the Pamepers coupons on save.ca: http://www.save.ca/pampers4_en/

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