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Last month, I shared with you how my kids have been asking for their vitamins since we tried IronKids Gummies.  I received Adult Essentials Gummies vitamins at the same time, but wanted to take some time to give them a fair shake until I wrote about them.  While I 100% understand the importance of vitamins for my kids and ensure they take them daily, I really fail at taking them myself.  I wish I knew what my excuse was, besides being ‘too busy’ which is the go-to excuse for everything as a mom.

Having taken these Adult Essentials vitamins for about 6 weeks now, I can proudly say that I’ve stuck to it – I’m taking them daily!  My only change has been that I line up our vitamin bottles – all those gummies – on the kitchen counter so they are seen daily.  The kids have no problem reminding me about theirs, so I dole out my own vitamins at that same time every day into my own little zip lock baggie (I do this with the kids so they have a little bag of vitamins on the way to school in the morning or sitting in front of the TV)  Even if I don’t have time to take the vitamins at that busy moment in the morning, they are ready for me when I can.  Typically I pop my vites sitting at my computer later in the morning.

It certainly helps that they taste great, and make me feel like I’m getting a little treat in the morning.

Here’s the kick-start you need to get healthy this spring…


One of my readers is going to win an Adult Essentials Prize Package valued at $100!  No excuse not to take your vitamins when they’re yummy gummies and you’ve just won a free prize package packed full of vitamin goodness!  To enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. ReAnna Wade says:

    I would like to win because I use adult gummies

  2. Ted Kooper says:

    i eat them like candy, so addictive

  3. Cindy Bundun says:

    I would like to win these for my husband since he can’t swallow the large vitamins and gummies are the only way to go!

  4. Debbie W says:

    I’ve been buying these and my family prefers them. Free would be great.

  5. Barb Waller says:

    I would love to win these for my adult son… It’s so much easier giving him Gummies Vitamins … Thank you for the wonderful giveaway..
    Good luck everyone!!

  6. shelley Hickey says:

    would love to try these, may make me take my vitamins daily :)

  7. I’d like to win because I need to. Try some new vitamins for me and the hubby

  8. Nicole Hartman says:

    So happy they make adult gummy vitamins…Now I can stop eating all of my children’s. :)

  9. Lisa Untergasser says:

    Would love to win these, thanks!

  10. Laird N Crystal Englot says:

    We use the Metabolic vitamins everyday in our house! This would be great to win!

  11. I hate swallowing vitamins so I would love to try the gummies, hopefully it would make me take my vitamins daily

  12. Haylie Langwald says:

    I’d like to win because I keep forgetting to take my regular vitamins but am always stealing my kids gummy vitamins lol.

  13. Ashley J says:

    I’d like to win because I like the gummy vitamins. It’s much easier, and tastier, than having to swallow a gigantic pill.

  14. Alexa Nernberg says:

    I would definitely take my vitamins daily, if I were to win this giveaway. Thanks for sponsoring this yummy giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  15. Hubs & I are making a serious effort in eating healthy and this would be a great addition

  16. Suzanne Smith says:

    I once overdosed on Flintstone vitamins when I was 5…does that count?

  17. Mmmmm gummies! l

  18. I try to eat properly but sometimes it is hard to get all vitamins.

  19. annamay says:

    I love gummy vitamins! would love to try the “adult” kind!

  20. Colleen Schilinski says:

    I’d like to win because I am serious about my health now-a-days since my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

  21. Lindsay says:

    I have a hard time swallowing pills so I use gummy ones!!

  22. After having gastric bypass I have to chew everything…no more swallowing pills…so I am always looking for chewable vitamins!

  23. Isabelle Goyer says:

    We are having a hard time and I’m sure my body would appreciate a lil help…

  24. Karen Hill says:

    Essentially, I would like to win because I have never taken vitamins and I am at the age where I should be replacing lost vitamins and nutrients. I have never liked taking pills of any sort but gummies I am sure I could handle chewing on a daily basis! About time someone thought of that!

  25. Susan Kendrick says:

    I would love to try the gummies

  26. Monique L. S. says:

    I take several vitamins daily. I tried a sample of these once and quite enjoyed them and found them so easy to take….much more so than a large capsule. I am mostly interested in the Omega-3 ones.

  27. L. Bragg says:

    Would love to win these for I have to take them every day and it gets really hard to swallow every day and night!!! I have to stay healthy since having breast cancer and these are all of the same vitamins I have to take all the time!! Would really be appreciated to win for it would save me a great deal to have this prize…

  28. This won’t let me log in so I can enter!!!

  29. Paula Goodman says:

    These look like a great way to take daily vitamins easily!

  30. Natalia says:

    I’d love to win because I’ve never actually tried gummy vitamins lol. I’m usually taking the chewable ones! Would love to try these though. Thanks!

  31. Kelly Mahoney says:

    I am on a get healthy lifestyle change since Jan. 1, 2012 I quit smoking eat healthier get more exercise than i ever did ,and Take vitamins everyday to help in area’s i am lacking in and to just feel better all the way around. So these would come in handy right now .

  32. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I’d like to win, trying to be a healthier me and vitamins are helping me get there, plus they’re in gummie form yum!

  33. Suzanne G says:

    I hate swallowing pills so I would love to try these as it would be like eating candy

  34. Tara Willoughby says:

    I’d like to win the Adult Essentials Prize Pack. Trying to live a more healthful life and vitamins take some of the guesswork out of if I got my daily dose of vitamins.

  35. Laurie Harrison says:

    Vitamins are essential to staying healthy

  36. Jennifer Andrews says:

    I would love to win becuz I need to start taking them daily just not sure which ones to take and these look awesome to try.

  37. Tara Knott says:

    I would like to take care of myself. I make sure that the kids get theirs. I should be doing this for myself and or them. Thanx for the chance :)

  38. Courtney says:

    These may help me remember to take my vitamins every day!

  39. danielle thorne says:

    i’ve been feeding vitamins to my kids and yet can’t get in the habit of taking them myself. this may get me on track

  40. Fanterra Fisher says:

    By taking vitamins this year I have successfully avoided a cold for over 8 months!

  41. Alexandra O. says:

    Recovering from pregnancy and would love to check these out!

  42. Jennifer L. says:

    I love the taste of my son’s gummy vitamins so I’d probably really like these.

  43. anne cresswell says:

    Been taking Vit C all winter and avoided the flu. Imagine the shape I’d be in with all these!

  44. Krista Spensley says:

    Love it. I hate swallowing pills!!!

  45. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I would love to win this because I cannot swallow pills and this would be awesome

  46. Nicole Fleming says:

    Would love to win as I’m breastfeeding and would like to boost the nutrients for myself and my baby!

  47. Anything that helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is welcome any day!

  48. Glogirl says:

    I’d love to win as I take vitamins daily and feel they are an essential part of staying healthy.

  49. Sharlene says:

    I would want to win these because they are simply the best – my kids love them – I don ‘t have to ‘convince’ or ‘persuade’ them to take them and I personally hate swallowing tablets, worse if they have a ‘fishy’ after taste – I love everyone of the gummies, whether for kids or adults and I recommend them to everyone I talk to!

  50. Besides getting healthier, I’d love to try a different brand of vitamins!!

  51. Laura Potvin says:

    Im trying to be healthier this year so winning these vitamins would be a great thing :)

  52. I would like to win as I have “pill swallowing” issues. Finally a solution to that problem.

  53. Thanks for the great giveaway! My daughter(5) takes gummy vitamins and NEVER forgets. She pulls all the bottles out and makes sure we take ours too. 😀 I have one left as of today!

  54. corrine says:

    it would be easier then swallowing the vitamins i have now

  55. Leanne M says:

    I would like this because I really need to start taking more vitamins.

  56. Great way to keep on track with healthy inititiatives!

  57. Jaclyn B says:

    I’ve always wanted to try these. I hate trying to swallow those big vitimins.

  58. Jennifer A. says:

    I would like to win this to try them and to keep healthy.

  59. Love the gummies!

  60. I actually just started to buy these this winter and really like them except for the cost of course!

  61. Kathy Reitlo says:

    I have not tried this brand yet, and they sound okay.

  62. Kim Barrett says:

    I have the hardest time getting my husband to take his vitamins. Maybe Gummies would do the trick!

  63. Chantale R. says:

    I take vitamins everyday. Never tried the gummies ones before but would love to.

  64. Victoria Ess says:

    I take vitamins regularly and I love trying new products.

  65. Huguette English says:

    I think I need to start taking vitamins, I feel tired so often. Would love to win :)

  66. sarah stickney says:

    i should take vitamins

  67. i won’t have to nag hubby nearly as much to take them if they taste like candies, right?

  68. I’m trying to set an example of health for my family.

  69. Melinda says:

    I take vitamins daily and I would love to try this brand.

  70. Carol Denny says:

    I take vitamins every day,also fish oil. Would like to win this.

  71. Jenn Alexander says:

    I want to be healthier. This vitamin also sounds like it would taste great

  72. Halifax says:

    Gummies are a lot easier to take than those huge vitamin pills :)

  73. Rachel Nixon says:

    I have been having a really hard time keeping my iron at a good level and have noticed all the signs of a vitamin deficiency and with 4 kids I need all the energy I can get :) Would LOVE to win this!

  74. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I would like to win because these would make taking vitamins fun!

  75. I don’t take vitamins right now, but I really should. I like the idea of being able to chew them rather than taking a mouthful of pills.

  76. The current vitamins I’m taking taste really gross. Hoping these one taste better. Would love to win this so I can try out gummy vitamins like my kids.

  77. Because chewing sounds a heck of a lot better than swallowing a giant pill!

  78. Suzie M says:

    They would certainly taste better than what I use now

  79. I’m on my way to be more healty. It would hepl using Essentials products

  80. Rose Holloway says:

    Need all the help I can get :)

  81. caryn s says:

    I would love to win cause i am a busy mom of two and i run a day home so needless to say i am not always eating a balanced meal everyday!

  82. It would be like eating candies.

  83. candess phillips says:

    It would be nice to take a ‘candy-like’ gummy than the pills. My omega 3 pills are the size of horse tranquilizers! I would love to have a fresh package of vitamins, and the variety of the gift pack is so appealing.

  84. I would like to win as I can always use extra health help and these vitamins would help with that and I would like to try them as they are gummies

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  85. As a family we all started taking the gummi multivitamins but haven’t tried these yet, I’d lke to try them.

  86. Anne Taylor says:

    I would like these because I would love to take vitamins but they sometimes leave an aweful taste in my mouth for the whole day; with these I don’t think that would happen

  87. Theresa Michalik says:

    I would like to win these because I need to take better care of myself and vitamins are so expensive and we are struggling financially.

  88. Maegan Morin says:

    I would like to win because I love taking vitamins! I have never tried this kind but I have always wanted too 😀

  89. Dianne Melnick says:

    I would love to win because its better then taking pills lol

  90. I need to start taking vitamins again. They always make me feel so much better. I’ve never had the adult gummies before but I’ve tried a couple of my sons. I bet these taste great too :)

  91. 409cope says:

    I would like to win as I am not always good at taking my vitamins,but if they tasted like gummies I’m sure I would.

  92. Julie G. says:

    My husband and I both take multivitamins every day – that can add up in a hurry. Winning these would help me stretch my money.

  93. Beth Gallinger says:

    I’ve tried and loved children’s omega gummies before, so I’d be very interested in trying the adult version!

  94. Teresa Claire says:

    I take a multi, B12 and Omega-3 daily but the vitamins that I have are so large…much rather a gummie vitamin :)

  95. My wife always gives me a hard time about the lack of vitamins I take.

  96. Jasen H says:

    The multivitamin I take now are close to running out winning would save me some money.

  97. I know that i really need to start taking more vitamins (right now it’s just a bit of Vit C here and there). i’d like to win b/c it would get me into the habit and then i’d be much more likely to stick with it.

  98. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I’d like to try these vitamins. They sound much easier to take than the huge ones I (sometimes remember to) take now.

  99. stephanie says:

    I try to have a balanced diet, but it doesn’t always work out that way. These vitamins would make sure I stay healthy.

  100. I’d like to win as I am trying to get serious about living a healthier lifestyle.

  101. Lisa Adrian says:

    I am trying to lose weight so a vitamin suppliment would be great to help me keep healthy and energetic :)

  102. Ever since I was pregnant I can’t swallow pills…my gag reflex is hypersensitive. Definitely need to try gummies!

  103. Dayna Wilson says:

    Because I got a sample package of these a few months ago.. and they were delicious. I want more!

  104. I’d love to win these to get more energy.

  105. I have recently started to take vitamins and I would love to try this brand!

  106. Carole M says:

    I take vitamins, so why wouldn’t I want to win? :)

  107. md kennedy says:

    I’d like to win because I know I should be eating more nutritionally, but am not there yet so a supplement would be a great addition to my daily routine.

  108. Darlene says:

    I would love to win this for health reasons!

  109. Laurie Cockburn says:

    I would love to try these because they aren’t in pill form. Don’t know why but I have the hardest time trying to swallow the tiniest pill. No problem swallowing the burger I had last night, but a pill -no can do.

  110. Anu Chopra says:

    I need to take multi-vitamins on a daily basis and would love to win as I have heard many great things about these vitamins! I am very poor when it comes to eating healthy.

  111. I’d like to restock on multi-vitamins.

  112. Dianne G. says:

    I recently started taking vitamins and bought s few bottles of a different type. I would love to try these.

  113. lori butler says:

    I am lacking in a lot of different nutrients, a supplement would indeed help my over all health

  114. Angela Mitchell says:

    I have to admit that I am much more likely to remember to take my multivitamin if it is chewable and tastes good than if it’s a pill I have to swallow.

  115. I would like to win because my husband and I take these vitamins and love them!

  116. I want to be healthy!

  117. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would love to win this because tried these before,and they are yummy!! And I must admit,,I am not a big vitamin taker,,but would have no complaints taking these..:)..I could really use some extra vitaimins in my body,,especially vitamin d

  118. cookie3 says:

    I really shoild take my vitamins. This package would make that so easy.

  119. SweetPanda says:

    I would love to win because I love their products!

  120. I have a hard time swallowing pills so these would be great.

  121. Tanya Wagner says:

    I’d like to win because my vitamin bottle is running low :)

  122. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d like to win because I love Adult Essentials ! I take their vitamins regularly. They taste great!

  123. i want to win this for my husband whom really needs to start taking his health seriously

  124. Christina Ferguson says:

    I would love to take vitamins but I have a bit of a problem swallowing pills. I am thinking that I actually might be able to get these down. if not, then my daughter will receive a lovely vitamin gift package.

  125. Terri O'D says:

    I don’t always get the chance to eat a well balanced diet at work so supplements make it easier

  126. mousecat says:

    I’d like to win because I need to get into taking my vitamins!

  127. I take vitamins daily so I’d love to try these.

  128. I like taking care of myself and I am always taking supplements, vitamins and all that stuff, I would love to win these!

  129. Jaclyn Boyd says:

    These would be great to have…. Better than trying to swallow those big pills

  130. I love gummies! this way i can eat them and not feel guilty

  131. Belinda McNabb says:

    I use vitamins daily and it would be great to get some for free

  132. Deb Dorrington says:

    I find that vitamin supplements are so darn big, so being able to chew them would be great. I do take vitamins everyday to try to stay as healthy as possible.

  133. Carrie Butler says:

    I would love to win these because I can seldom afford to buy vitamins, and when I can I get them for my kids. I am last, so this would be a wonder win for me to get these.

  134. Rhonda W G. says:

    I am diligent with taking vitamins due to health challenges…This would come in super handy!

  135. Carole B. says:

    I takes vitamins, but never tried before gummies ..i should be fun to take!

  136. My iron and vitamin d3 are super low, I’d love to try some of these to bring up my levels.

  137. I would like to win because I am terrible for taking vitamins. I don;t like swallowing pills so I procrastinate and then forget to take them at all. Love to have gummy ones easy to take!

  138. Louise Gilbert says:

    I’d love to win these to get more energy and I never tried the gummies before

  139. I’d like to win because we’re trying to eat healthier in our house and these vitamins would help us on that path.

  140. They tastes good. I love gummies

  141. I got a hold of some on a great sale once and they were delicious! I’d love more, it helped me take my vitamins regularly!

  142. I hate swallowing pills…gummies would be great!

  143. Sacha Schroeder says:

    I would love to win because I need to take a daily vitamin!

  144. I’m also on a diet and need to take daily vitamins but often forget. I promise to put these in my daily med box.

  145. sandra mitchell says:

    more energy for me!

  146. Florence C says:

    Love to win some vitamins. I take them daily. Some new ones to try would be appreciated.

  147. I already take a daily vitamin so I’d like a chance to be able to try these.

  148. debbie s says:

    vitamins are essential to my daily to try them

  149. Lori Bazan says:

    So yummy it makes it asy to remeber to take your vitamins!

  150. Lee-Ann L says:

    Vitamins are expensive so I often don’t restock when I should!

  151. Tara Crawford says:

    i would love to win as need to start being healthier

  152. Leanne B says:

    I haven’t taken vitamins since I was pregnant, I’d like to get back in the habit as Iknow its good for you

  153. I would like to win because I can’t swallow the big horse vitamin pills

  154. Melanie A. says:

    I’d love to win these yummy vitamins because I need them! I don’t take vitamins, yet I give my kids the full line of IronKids! We eat practically the same food, so why haven’t I and, my hubby, been taking vitamins?! Thanks for this chance!

  155. Clifford says:

    I want to win this giveaway because we have started taking vitamins and to be honest they can be expensive so this would certainly help our budget..

  156. Debbie Kennedy says:

    I just started a vegetarian diet so I think I would benefit from a supplement

  157. sarah sar says:

    i’m starting to become more health conscious and want to add more vitamins to my diet

  158. Heidi Lindsay says:

    working on a healthier me this year and this would be a great prize to keep me going

  159. Need to start taking vitamins and I always wanted to try these.

  160. i just signed up for a challenge that requires vitamins so this would save me that.

  161. natasha severson says:

    it would be nice to win them cause i take them every day!! it would cut my cost for a hile!!!

  162. Julie bolduc says:

    would love to win because I need more vitamins

  163. devin macmahon says:

    im always looking for ways to improve my health!

  164. sherry k says:

    I am trying to get the mecessary supplements because I don’t always eat well enough

  165. I’m trying to be diligent about taking my vitamins everyday – if they were in gummy form I’d be more likely to take them.

  166. Stephen k says:

    they would be easy to eat – swallowing those giant ones is tough

  167. We’re trying to take better care of ourselves this year, my husband and I. These go a long way to helping us towards that goal. :)

  168. Because these are really good, and I have an issue taking normal vitamins (they make me vomit) so I have been stuck taking the kids chewables for years until I found the Adult Essentials. I can tolerate them great, and they taste good too. Almost like a little treat.

  169. I could always use vitamins…need to be more health conscious.

  170. Christy Martin says:

    I just ran out of my drugstore brand. I always wonder, do they work? Is there anything really in them or am I taking them because I think they help. I take B12 daily and I would be in dire need if I didn’t. I don’t think anyone can say, vitamins or minerals work unless they are already short. The fact that I can (some may beg to differ) THINK, tells me the B12 is working and appreciated by my blood. I would love to win this and my aging body would probably agree!

  171. R. Chestnut says:

    I would like to try this as I have a hard time swallowing vitamins, this would be so much easier. Looks like a nice product and with this my daughter can take her gummy vitamin and I could take mine.

  172. I would love to win as I am just getting ready for upcoming spring & summer road races. Including a 5k I will run with my daughter in a girls only race…so vitamins would really compliment my training! PLUS I love these gummies! Tks!

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