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Dyson DC43 Animal Vacuum Giveaway! ($699.99 value!)

Over the years, I’ve had the awesome fortune of being able to review several great products from Dyson for my readers. I’m often asked if, for example, the Dyson DC22 Motorhead is as light as I said in my review, or if we still use the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim as much as we did when we first got it (we do, it’s hanging on a wall attachment in my kitchen and is used every single day!)  A friend just asked me if the Dyson Fans and Heaters I’ve reviewed are “really worth the price” (yes.) and if Dyson vacuums are really as good as the commercials proclaim.

When it comes to vacuums, I tell my friends that Dyson sucks.  A lot.  But in a very good way and in a way that will likely surprise you, make you look sideways at your husband and mutter something about “those kids and the things they drag around” when you see how much is lifted from your carpet that you thought your previous vacuum took care of.

Recently, we received a Dyson DC43 Animal Vacuum to review – one of the models I wanted to check out for the longest time because of the great feedback I’d heard about them.  When my husband opened the box he said, “You know this is an animal vacuum right?” and I replied that I sure did, and couldn’t wait to see what it did for clean-up of my own hair.  I shed enough to cover a small feline!

Looking at all the features, you can see why Dyson vacuums are so popular!  Of course, Dyson’s ball technology is one of the product’s best features.  There’s no need to move any furniture when using a Dyson because this baby can get under the end tables, beside the tv stand and under the dining room table with ease.  If you have a space that’s too small to reach, the Mini-Turbine Head is the perfect accessory to get the job done.  I use it for the stairs and then just the hose itself to get in between the cushions on the couch (oh the things that are discovered there!)  The Hard Floor Tool is a huge asset as well since most households have both hard flooring and carpet like ours.

Of course THE feature on Dyson vacuums, what makes them stand apart from their competitors, is Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone Technology (which you don’t find on any other vacuum – they have 564 patents to date to protect this!)

Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone™ technology doesn’t rely on a bag to trap all the dust and dirt. Instead, it spins the air so fast that centrifugal forces up to 150,000 times the force of gravity fling dust and dirt out of the air and straight into the clear bin.

I am obviously a huge fan of Dyson products and I do believe they are worth the money.  I’ve had several vacuums over the years but am happy to say that my very first Dyson, purchased in 2007, is still working just as well 5 years later and it’s been put through a ton of work in our household renovations (drywall, I’m not kidding!)

I’m so excited to offer my Canadian readers the chance to win a Dyson DC43 Animal Vacuum ($699.99 value!) this summer!

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