Build a Variety of Outfits with These 7 Affordable Pieces

Many assume that they need deep pockets to create the most stylish outfits, but this isn’t always the
case. Perhaps the best thing you can do to look like a million bucks is to curate a wardrobe of affordable
and versatile pieces, upon which you can build countless chic looks without breaking the bank.
From classic wardrobe staples to timelessly trendy accessories, here’s an assortment of budget-friendly
pieces that should feature in your closet:

1) A Comfy Pair of Cotton Leggings
One clothing item that definitely deserves to be a mainstay in your wardrobe is a pair of high-quality
cotton leggings, preferably in a dark colour like black, navy blue, dark grey, or olive green. You can wear
these affordable bottoms with almost anything. Better yet, they take half the time to slip on than jeans
or other heavy pairs of pants with buckles, zippers, or buttons.
For an everyday look that takes almost zero effort to put together, wear your cotton leggings with a
graphic T-shirt and some statement sneakers. Switch the shirt out for an oversized sweater, tunic, or
long blouse for variety, and elongate your silhouette further by throwing on a long cardigan and ankle
boots with heels. As far as value and effortlessness go, your cotton leggings could end up being the
MVPs of your wardrobe.

2) The Classic White Button-Down Shirt
Ask any of your style icons what they have in their closet, and chances are, many will say a classic white
button-down shirt. This wardrobe staple is the perfect blank canvas for dressed-up or dressed-down
outfits. On top of being affordable, it’s ubiquitous enough to be easy to acquire.
Pair it with tailored pants for a crisp and polished look for the office, or tuck it into a skirt for a feminine
ensemble you’d be confident about wearing on a date. There are many casual occasions for a white
button-down, too. Wear it with a pair of jeans and layer it under a sweater with the collar tips visible for
an elevated, yet understated ensemble.

3) The Little Black Dress
The little black dress or LBD is a true wardrobe hero. Its simplicity and versatility allows for endless outfit
possibilities. An affordable, but high-quality black dress can be worn with equal panache at a formal
event, with heels and statement jewellery, or at a dance hall with some of your coolest kicks.
To get the most value out of your LBD, consider the style and cut of the garment. It’s best to get one
that provides a flattering silhouette, such as one with a slightly flared A-line hemline.

4) A Versatile Pair of Jeans
You also can’t go wrong with a sturdy pair of jeans. Dress them up with a blouse and heels, or dress
them down with a casual T-shirt and sneakers, sandals, or ballet flats. You also have plenty of options,
from skinny jeans to straight-leg jeans. Get at least one pair that you can depend on to always flatter
your body shape.
One myth that many people subscribe to is that you have to throw down for a high-quality pair of jeans.
But for how long you’ll be able to use the pair, it will be worth the investment. Plus, there are more
affordable options of excellent quality than ever before, so you’ll be spoiled for choice in the budget

5) A Statement Skirt
For a quick way to inject personality and flair into your outfits, always have a statement skirt ready. It
won’t be hard to find budget-friendly skirts in vibrant prints, patterns, and textures in retail shops or in
thrift stores. You could even borrow a vintage item from a relative and put your own personal spin on it.
Pair your skirt with a neutral top for a balanced yet sophisticated look, or mix it with a contrasting
pattern to make a bolder fashion statement. Make your go-to statement skirt one that appeals to you in
terms of style and length. Consider a midi skirt that falls two inches below the knees, for example, if you
anticipate wearing it often for dressy occasions. A distressed denim skirt with vertical pleats, on the
other hand, will be an awesomely affordable upgrade to an outfit you wouldn’t mind sporting at a

6) The Tailored Blazer
Create an endless number of polished outfits with a tailored blazer. Pair it with jeans and a cropped tee
for a laid-back look, or wear it over a dress to add to the formality of your ensemble.
While you can never go wrong with solid black and nude colours for a blazer, feel free to experiment
with other hues and textures to add both versatility and distinction to your wardrobe. This is truly what
will make it a bang for your buck.

7) The Printed Scarf
Lastly, for a subtle improvement to your outfit that likely won’t cost much, have a printed scarf handy.
This affordable accessory comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. A scarf with a vibrant hue and
an interesting print can add a beautiful and effortless contrast to even the simplest outfit. 
Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can also play around with how you wear your scarf. The
classic way to do it is to wear it around your neck, but you can also tie it to your handbag or use it as a
headband to hearken back to Boho chic.

In short, it’s not impossible to build a variety of stylish outfits even when you’re on a tight budget. With
regard to adaptable and high-quality staples, less is truly more. Choose the right building blocks for your
wardrobe, and you’ll find yourself spending a lot less time, money, and energy on the dilemma of
looking good for any occasion!

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