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Holidays Made Easy With Hamilton Beach

This Christmas is a big one for most of us. Last year, the majority of Canadians “did the right thing” when it came to Christmas and stayed apart (which, in itself, sounds like a really weird thing to say doesn’t it?) Certainly, had I made that statement even 5 years ago in my Holiday Gift Guide people would have definitely did a double-take reading it. Other families found ways to still stay safe, protecting everyone, by having outdoor gatherings or a quick hello at a meeting spot to exchange presents and smiles behind our masks.

This year, many families are hitting the road again or preparing their households for family members they haven’t seen in months and hoping for a festive, happy, and safe holiday season. We need to be together again. To laugh, to tell old stories, to drink too much wine late into the evening or to sip coffee quietly by the tree in the morning when you’re the first two people awake in a full household.

In our household, we use a one-cup coffee machine because, beyond weekends, the adults in the house are up and about at different times. When we have company (wow, it feels like an term I used to know and used to remember how that felt, but I digress…) we just use more pods and refill the water tank more. A hassle, but one we just deal with. Do we need to get a standard coffee maker to pull out for guests? Maybe – but my storage space is limited.

This option, the FlexBrew® Trio Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach, gives you the best of both (uh…all) worlds! This little wonder gives you 3 Ways to Brew: Brew a cup with a pod or coffee grounds or brew up to 12 cups using your favourite ground coffee (ahhh fresh ground coffee, remember how great that smells?)

You can brew a fast cup of coffee in about 90 seconds, or brew a pot of coffee for the family, even utilizing the easy-touch programming so it’s waiting when everyone shuffles to sit by the tree (or maybe the scent is what will wake them up!)

I love everything about the FlexBrew® Trio Coffee Maker, but especially that it means we’re going to be visiting and spending time with more people this holiday season. We need to be together – safely – and need that human connection so much.

And maybe some Bailey’s or Kahlua added in for good measure.

If you’re looking for the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew® Trio Coffee Maker you can find it at places like Walmart ($109.96), Canadian Tire ($199.99) and of course at ($169.99).

One lucky family is going to win a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker this holiday season! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on the post below sharing why you think this coffee machine will fit in well with your family this Christmas and beyond! Good luck everyone!


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