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Care Bears Togetherness Bear

“Sharing Together, Caring Together, Better Together” – the Care Bears and Togetherness Bear – all about making the world a better place

I was a Care Bears collector and fan long before it was a thing. I guess it was a thing when I was 8 but I mean a thing like it is now in 2021, where shirts are being worn by my own kids, and my youngest is asking for Care Bears on her Christmas list.

I was an OG fan of the Care Bears. I watched them on Saturday morning TV, I was excited over the introduction of Care Bears Cousins (I asked Santa for one and he delivered!), and then as an adult got into collecting the retro Care Bears from the 80’s and the figurines – I still have them all and even scored a rare UK-release only Care Bear that sold for a ridiculous price on eBay many years ago!

This year the Care Bears will continue to share and care with the introduction of a NEW Care Bears Friend – Togetherness Bear. There’s only ONE way to describe Togetherness Bear – she’s “one of a kind!” Unique, colorful, and all about bringing everyone together.

No two Togetherness Bears will look the same, just like no two people are the same! <—- Imagine how a rare find like that would have been on eBay with a retro bear years ago, oh my gosh! But, the purpose of this bear, of course, is to share how it’s awesome to be different because we all are! With her motto of “Love All,” Togetherness Bear reminds us that sharing your heart with others is the greatest gift to give and is the best way to bring us all closer together.

I love this, and love that Care Bears are still a thing going into 2022! Also worth mentioning, these bears are bigger than the originals parents are used to from our generation – but they’re even more soft and cuddly!

Look for Care Bears Togetherness Bear at Toys R Us and Walmart for $19.99 this holiday season!

Here’s your chance to bring home Togetherness Bear this holiday season! To enter, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing your own Care Bears memory – were you a fan or are your kids fans now? Maybe you’re like me and remember asking Santa for one too!


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  • I never had care bears growing up! We were a low income family with 5 kids lol. But they’re so cute. I would love to give my kids a chance to have one

  • I can remember when we first moved to a new town and before my son had made any friends in our new town, he used to say that the care bears talked to him when he was walking down the driveway to catch the school bus. thank goodness for care bears!

  • I was a big fan of the Care Bears when I was young. I still have my Birthday Bear from the 80’s. My sister and I collected the mini-figurines as well. I loved the TV show and movies – especially the ones with the Care Bear cousins. I’d love to win this bear for my kiddos. 🙂

  • I loved watching carebears and listening to the books on tape. My poor father had to listen to those stories in the vehicle every where we went. I still remember when the cousins were introduced, I wasn’t a fan of change, I liked the original.

  • I collected Care Bears as a kid and my Mom kept them ALL! I have all the cousins, collectors editions with Swarovski crystals and even Grams and Hugs and Tugs. I honestly want to win this for me. But it’ll have my daughter’s name under the tree 😂😂

  • I was a fan…. never had one but dragged my sister down to watch the care bears Christmas special early each Christmas morning. Good memories.

  • I loved watching the Care Bears cartoon on Saturday mornings when I was a kid! Now my daughter loves Care Bears (her nickname is Care Bear, because her first 2 names are Caroline Barrett), and this Togetherness Bear is on her Christmas wish list. 🙂

  • I grew up with the Care Bears in the 80s and my kids all loved the care bear movies (which I happen to have on DVD). My youngest son would love this, thanks for the chance.

  • awww Care Bears totally bring me back to my childhood. I remember watching Care Bears with my brothers every weekday morning at our babysitters before going to school

  • I had the care bears when my girls were young and we watched the cartoons together on the weekends, those are all just memories now, it would be nice to share with my granddaughter!

  • The thing I remember about Care Bears is that parents went crazy looking for them one Christmas but they were sold out

  • i personally never had one but my little sister did. They are so adorable. I have a couple in my kids stuffie collection packed away!

  • my girlfriends little girl back in the 80’s was crazy for these think she had all of them, they were so cute the kids even loved the tv shows

  • I never had one. But my older kids did and they loved their care bear. So many memories.
    Would be nice if my youngest could have have one as well.

  • I use to watch the show when I was a kid growing up! I think it had a good story line and still does for kids now a days

  • My daughters loved their Care Bears and I can remember them being so excited when I took them to see the original movie!

  • Care Bears were all the rage wen I had my first child so we created a Care Bear nursery….wall paper, photo frames, sheets and blankets, stuffed Care Bears…everything we could find….as the colours were good for girls or boys….so much fun! And we had a boy!

  • I was a big Care Bear fan because my older sisters each had one. (I think they watched the show sometimes too but I didn’t). I had a knock off one for awhile but I finally got a mini one with the authentic little heart on the the bum. Oh, how I loved my little Friendship bear! I still have her and then when I was 19 I bought myself another mini one (sunshine bear) so Friendship bear would have a friend!

    When my kids told me they wanted Care Bears I was pretty surprised but also happy!

  • It is amazing that I remember buying Care bears for my daughter and now for my grandchildren. They are always popular.

  • My favourite memory is watching the Care Bears shows & Christmas movie with my daughter, we enjoyed them as a family.

  • My daughter, many years ago, loved her Care Bears. Now with my work with special needs kids, they are becoming more relevant!

  • I just remember how much I loved Care Bears as a kid. They felt SO magical, and most importantly, SO loving and kind. I wish there was more of that around now.

  • I had CareBears growing up, and watched the cartoon…fond memories! Love the look of the Togetherness Bear. Super cute.

  • First bear I bought to stay in the hospital with my son when he was born and couldn’t come home yet. It was a small green care bear. Maybe goodluck bear I think. My son was 5lbs and the care bear was the same size as him.

  • I was a little older when the Care Bears’ phenomenon hit. I can remember watching all of the news stories of people ransacking stores and getting into fights over them. It was so crazy!

  • We bought my husbands grandmother a grannie bear a long time ago and when she passed it came to our house with a special place !

  • My daughter love to watch their TV show of course I got her a care bare and she slept with it overnight. that was years ago. I would love to win for my granddaughter. She is just like my daughter and love stuff characters.

  • I don’t have any Care Bears memories. If I had one as a child I don’t remember. I’ve watched the show a few times and my girls love it but there’s no nostalgia there for me.

  • I had cheer bear when I was little & I grew up watching the cartoons & movies 🥰 would love to share that with my kiddos by giving them their very own carebear

  • I had cheer bear when I was little & I grew up watching the cartoons & movies 🥰 would love to share that with my kiddos by giving them their very own carebear

  • Growing up I remember watching cartoons including Care Bears on Saturdays because that was the only time we have cartoons on free TV.

  • I love care bears , I remember getting cheer bear for a birthday gift from my sister , and now today i watch care bears with my grandchildren when I go over to sit with them

  • I loved watching Care Bears on tv and had my own care bear. It’s so cool that they’re back now for a new generation to enjoy