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Bluey Prize Package

Every few years, a new children’s show comes along that sweeps the market, so to speak. Think about it. If you have kids that are in older-elementary grades or high school, like me, ask them to list some of their favorite shows from when they were preschoolers. You’ll get the usual names (think about what a hit the recent Blue’s Clues Steve video was for our older kids, remembering their childhood buddy) but if you bring up an obscure random show, they may have vague memories of it, but there were no toys and no fond memory attached to that show or character. What makes certain children’s programming stick? On that note, why is Bluey such a hit in 2021?

Bluey is about a family of cartoon dogs who live in Brisbane, Australia – a mom named Chilli; the dad, Bandit; and their two daughters, Bingo and Bluey, roughly ages 4 and 6. It’s really a show about Bluey and Bingo playing elaborate games with their parents and their friends, about the joy and strangeness of children’s imaginations and dreams. The show jumped in popularity when its 52-episode first season began streaming on Disney+ in January 2020, but the weekly release of Bluey’s incredible second season on the Disney Channel over the past year has changed the conversation from “What a good show” to “Oh my God, Bluey.” 

If you have little ones who love Bluey, obviously you need to feed that frenzy (and this is an easy go-to then) this holiday season! Bluey Jumbo Plush is extra big for extra big hugs and cuddles. Priced at (msrp) $29.99 at stores like Toys R Us, Bluey is 18″ tall and perfect for ages 3+. Worth noting, they’re in stock locally which means you should get ahold of Bluey now if you’re looking (I actually expected to see a “not in stock” notice on Bluey items this season!)

Priced the same at (msrp) $29.99, the Bluey Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle is the perfect car to go on fun playful adventures. Open the top of the Family Vehicle to fit all the family Figures inside. You can fit four Figures inside! A Bandit Figure is included so he can drive the family around! 

On the roof of the Family Vehicle is a Surfboard Rack that holds 2 Surfboards. The Surfboards come off for the whole family to use. They are compatible with all Bluey Figures and are great to use when they drive to the beach. The Vehicle also comes with a fun sticker sheet that includes backseat rubbish and beach friends so that you can decorate the car. Children will love to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show with these adorable toys! 


  • Includes a Surfboard Roof Rack with 2 Surfboards that are compatible with all Bluey Figures.
  • Decorate the Family Vehicle with an included fun Sticker Pack!
  • Includes One Bandit Figure.

Available at all major toy retailers. Suitable for ages 3+.

Here’s your chance to win a Bluey prize package this holiday season! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a message on this post sharing who the Bluey fan is on your list and you’ll be in to win, just like that!


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