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PLAYMOBIL Brings Back the Volkswagen Beetle and T1 Camping Bus

We love a trip down memory lane and what better way than in the Volkswagen Beetle and T1 Camping Bus?! These classic vehicles have now joined the PLAYMOBIL world in toy form! 

PLAYMOBIL’s Volkswagen Beetle playset, modeled after the classic car, comes equipped with all the characteristic features that make it so unique; the curved fenders, the VW logo, the vertical windshield, the blue paint and the typical rear hood with a 4-cylinder boxer engine.  All that along with a roof rack and you’re ready to hit the beach!

Another icon on the road, the Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus! This vehicle has helped fuel countless road trips and adventures across generations. PLAYMOBIL’s version includes the iconographic V-shaped front end and red VW logo, rounded roof, split windshield and removable roof rack. This playset is sure to be a hit, whether you’re 5 or 99.

My ten year old built both playsets on her own, carefully following the instructions and applying the stickers where needed as well. This is definitely a project that can be done by more than one person with lots of of opportunities for storytelling if a parent or grandparent grew up in the era of these iconic VW vehicles.

The VW T1 Camping Bus is my favorite and has so many cool features to play with. Removing the top gives you access to the inside and you can flip a seat into a bed (of course!) and then open a cupboard to take out some mugs for coffee on the road.

It reminded me a lot of a Barbie motorhome I had as a kid in the 80’s. I spent so many hours playing with it – I can totally see where Playmobil fans will invest that same time in these playsets!

Best for ages 5+, both PLAYMOBIL playsets are available wherever PLAYMOBIL products are sold – or online on the PLAYMOBIL website.

PLAYMOBIL T1 Camping Bus ($74.99)

PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen Beetle ($59.99)

I’ve got 1 of each of these PLAYMOBIL playsets to give away to Feisty Frugal & Fabulous readers so I’ll pick 2 winners who will receive either the PLAYMOBIL T1 Camping Bus or PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen Beetle! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post telling me who you’ll be sharing this playset with if you win!


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