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Dive Into Gaming – At the Kitchen Table

This Spring, if you haven’t already exhausted conquering puzzles, the latest craft seen on TikTok, or a cooking challenge with the kids to help keep them busy, check out these board games from Asmodee. They’re not your standard family board-games but have the allure and intrigue of something new where everyone can be on the same playing field because it’s a new journey for everyone!

Pandemic Rapid Response (msrp $59.99) Age 8+

Timely right? Disaster has struck, and humanity needs your help! Cities around the world are in desperate need of food, water, vaccines, and supplies. As the Crisis Response Unit, you and your team are uniquely capable of providing life-saving aid— anytime, anywhere. Pandemic: Rapid Response is an exciting real-time dice game. If you and your team manage to deliver supplies in time, your mission is a success!

-Frantic real-time gameplay

-Includes 7 unique roles and 24 custom dice

-Replay the game with extra challenges by including crisis cards to affect gameplay

-A standalone game set in the Pandemic universe

Love Letter (msrp $16.99) Age 10+

Will your love letter be enough to woo the Princess and capture her heart? Carefully use a cast of characters in the castle to carry your message of love to the Princess, while keeping other player’s letters away. Successfully carry your letter to her before your opponent’s catch you in order to obtain her affection and win her heart in this game of risk, deduction, and luck.

-A lightweight card game with quick gameplay

-Fun for players of all skill levels

-Perfect format for travel.

-A game of risk; deduction and luck

Secrets (msrp: 29.99) Age 10+

During the cold war, you’re the head of a spy agency and must recruit the best elements. Find your teammates, fool your enemies, and become the most influential agency. But beware the Hippies, they could very well save the world…

Secrets is a game of hidden teams, bluff, and influence

A secret identity game that takes place in the 1960s

Players are either members of the CIA or KGB, or Hippies.

Team affiliations can sometimes change during the game and must always be kept secret.

Asmodee games can be found both online and in store at local retailers near you. Use the link here to buy Asmodee Canada games.

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