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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset

I think Play-Doh playsets are going to be a popular item this holiday season – we need time away from screens and time to think, build and create and Play-Doh has been one of easiest ways to do that with kids of all ages for decades. Of course, Play-Doh keeps coming out with innovative playsets so that your creativity really has no bounds.

It’s crazy candy galore at the Play-Doh candy store! This Play-Doh candy factory is a treat for the imagination as kids create their own silly gummy bears, pretend candy bars, and play candy cups. Fill the top with Play-Doh compound, then turn the crank on the candy machine to see the crazy colorful Play-Doh candies pour out. Scoop the creations into the pretend candy buckets to show them off to friends. 5 cans of non-toxic Play-Doh compound work like modeling clay to crank up the creativity. It’s a great arts and crafts activity or gift for kids 3 years and up!

Look for the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset with 5 Play-Doh Cans at ($30.99), ($29.99), ($29.99) and ($19.96).

Enter to win a Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset with 5 Play-Doh Cans below! Just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing one of your Play-Doh memories either as a child yourself or with someone in your life. I used to envy the hair-cut Play-Doh set my friend had when I was little!


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  • There was no play- doh when I was a child but my kids had many sets for Play-Doh, always fun and creative things made! And now the step grandkids have fun creating with Play-Doh

  • I have many memories and plus when my granddaughter comes over she always gets out the Play-doh and we create, play-doh has been in my family since the beginning!

  • My nephew is really into playing with play-doh lately. We been making all kinds fun things like cakes and ice cream.

  • My memories as a child was having my mom make homemade playdoh and using cookie cutters to make all sorts of shapes!

  • i really cant remember play doh as a child but i do believe it was out by then…i do remember playing it lots with my son and granddaughter though and they had all kinds of cool play doh kits to use it with….we always enjoyed the extruder kind of thing

  • All 5 of my kids have loved playdoh and my youngest still plays with it. He just made a cat free style with a cat bed and even a playdoh bowl full of playdoh kibbles the other day.

    • Accidentally hit enter too soon on the YouTube entry. My user name I’d andrea amy – not whatever I entered lol

  • I like to buy lots of colours for them to play with. But, my kids will inevitably mix the colours together making strange not so pretty colours.

  • I played playdoh with my boys all the time. We would make snakes, and many other types of animals. Now they are older and have their own kids its still fun playing with the grandkids

  • I don’t recall Play-Doh as a child but I remember playing with it, with my kids. We just had Play-Doh though, no fancy sets. We used kitchen utensils like cookie cutters and formed our little sculptures. I have Play-Doh here for my grandchildren too, again just the Play-Doh.

  • I actually cannot remember any for myself personally but for my oldest daughter it was her discover the texture of playdoh for the very first time

  • One of my Play-Doh memories as a child was competing with my siblings over who could make the longest Play-Doh snake.

  • We didn’t have Play Dough persay when I was a child. But we had some homemade dough that smelled wonderful. I remember making “cookies” with that when we were young.

  • It was always fun when we would get play-Doh. I remember being excited and having lots of fun but I don’t remember a specific Play-Doh memory. I loved it when the teacher would bring in a new colour of Play-Doh.

  • when I worked in daycare years ago this was a favorite of the kids to play with, they were toddlers and most did try to eat it, but it was so fun seeing the things they would try to make

  • I fondly and vividly remember getting play-doh in my stocking for Christmas. I can still picture it, the scent of play-doh is one I still love today. Honestly I would love to get in play-doh in my stocking!

  • I loved play doh when my children were young and I enjoy the fascination my granddaughter has with it. All generations enjoy it.

  • I did not have Play-Doh as a kid (we were really poor) but I would love to win this and make some screen-free memories with my girls

  • I have always loved the smell of playdoh and can remember opening a new can of it and just spending a few minutes taking in the smell1!!

  • I don’t think we actually had Play-Doh when I was growing up. My would make it instead and we would use cookie cutters. There are so many great Play-Doh accessories for the kids these days!

  • I actually never played with play doh as a kid. I remember watching my niece when she was a kid making food for her Barbies and dolls with her play doh. No matter the set she always used it for her dolls. It was cute watching her make all this stuff.

  • I never got a chance to play with playdoh when I was little, but my boys love playing with playdoh because it allows them to be messy and creative! They once made me a playdoh sundae!

  • I play a lot of play doh with my son. We actually use it a ton for virtual learning. His teachers like him to make numbers and letters with it for kindergarten.

  • One of my favourite memories growing up with play doh is playing pretend bake shop where we would sell “cookies” & “cakes”.

  • I loved the mop top hair shop as a child. My husband was sad as he always wanted it but never had one. We bought a trolls version for our daughter and she loves it!

  • My favourite Play-Doh memories as a child were playing with my hair dresser set and my dentist set. I especially loved growing the hair on the “doll” and then cutting it. I bought my daughters the same set and they love it too. I should really get them the dentist set too, to relive that part of my childhood too with them.

  • I remember my children playing with play doh! They didn’t make all those fun play set back then, but they had a few tool.

  • I remember playing with play doh at school and at home. Its excellent for building fine motor skills and letting the imagination flow. One of the best gifts for kids out there.

  • I don’t remember much play-doh in my childhood… although I do remember making some with my mom one year. Last year in the preschool Sunday school class I helped the kids make an entire nativity with play-doh. They loved using play-doh to make Bible stories.

  • I use to love playing with play doh as a kid molding it into shapes. It really has advanced a great deal and my sons would love this set.

  • I remember two play-doh sets from when I was a kid – the hair cut set and the dentist set. We played with these for hours!

  • As a child, I received a Burger King play doh set. I held on to it for many years and now my kids are enjoying it too!

  • Never had play-doh as a child. I think I would try to not merge colours together so I would keep them intact. However, as my nephew had sets he’d make the food ones and would play restaurant

  • I used to love playing with playdoh with my little brother when I was a kid. Now my 4 year old son is obsessed and has it at the top of his Christmas list!

  • I would love to win this for my kids to keep them busy during the holidays! We have always had play dough in the house ! SO much fun to create with!

  • I have no real memories of it when I was a kid, but my boys loved it when they were younger, and I think it is fantastic, I still enjoy it.

  • I loved PlayDoh growing up and played with it all the time, despite my Mum’s annoyance at the little bits that always seemed to end up everywhere!

  • My girls play with playdoh everyday. I love watching them using their creativity and see their happiness when I “eat” the treats they make me

  • My favourite playdoh memories are all with my kids. We like to take out all of our favourite playdoh accessories and get creative.

  • The little guy I babysat loved playing with play-doh. He always wanted me to make a dragon out of play-doh.

  • I think my nephew would really love this.
    My brothers and I used to play with play-doh all the time when we were kids!