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EZVIZ C6CN Pro – For New Moms + Dads Everywhere

This spring, we brought home a new family member. Vinnie the chihuahua came to us – after I kept a watchful eye on him via FB messages from my friend from the moment he was born – and life hasn’t been the same since! Having a puppy in the house brings us back to our days with newborns and toddlers. Sleep schedules change, you’re cleaning up messes, you’re teaching good behaviours and ensuring your little one he is loved and safe at home.

We were fortunate to be at home for nearly 6 months with a new puppy, to ensure he didn’t get into too much trouble and always had someone around for a snuggle. With the hubby and kids back at school, I am the only one working from home now, but I still need to leave the house to get the kids to school and back, pick up groceries and get my son to work. It occurred to us that in all that time we were home, Vinnie had never been left at home alone – not even once!

With impeccable timing, I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the EZVIZ C6CN Pro Camera. Yes, it would mainly appeal to new parents of precious babies sleeping peacefully in a crib, or of mischievous toddlers to keep an eye on them when they should be napping but have other plans. However, I think there’s many reasons why you may want to have a smart home camera in your house, that you can access on your phone with a quick tap.

There are so many cool features to this camera, but the pan/tilt is pretty awesome. The new C6CN Pro Pan-Tilt Camera rotates and tilts smoothly in any direction, giving you a complete view of your room anytime from anywhere using your phone. If I glance at the camera and don’t see my dog on the sofa (where he usually sleeps while I’m away), I can easily pan and tilt the camera to find him waiting by the door, or playing with my other dog. On that note, Two-Way Conversations is another feature I use. If the dogs are barking and playing and I want to intervene with a stern warning to settle down, I can tap my phone and do that. It confuses the hell out of them too, which is an added bonus.

I can even, if I observe something cute like I did while waiting for the kids at school pick-up one day, hit record with the touch of a button and save the video to show the kids later. In this case it was my dog going bananas because I had left out something new on the kitchen table and he responds to new things in his environment by barking at it until he’s sure it’s safe.

In Canada, you can find the EZVIZ C6CN Pro Camera at Staples ($59.99), Home Depot ($59.99) and Walmart ($110.94).

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