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Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba

How beautiful was The Lion King release this year in theaters? I will always a fan of the original, but did you know there was an animated The Lion King 2 and even more beyond that? I went to the “green carpet” event for The Lion King 3D release in Hollywood in 2011 on a blog press trip, so I have an affinity to the film for sure! Now, with the live-action release, The Lion King has solidified itself as a part of our Disney experience – to know Simba is to love him.

This Christmas, those of us who saw The Lion King way back in 1994 in theaters, or who may have taken their kids or grandkids then too, can now celebrate with their own kids (and grandkids) once again. Hasbro’s furReal toys are loved because they’re very interactive, responding to touch and sound, and offer hours of play. In the case of Mighty Roar Simba, you’ll also hear songs and movie phrases as well!

Roar at each other (who’s the loudest?), play together, and give him his treat (you may prefer, umm, a different snack for yourself!). And be sure to give your Pride Lands pal lots of hugs… after all, even a king likes to cuddle! He responds to touch with over 100 sound-and-motion combinations! Best for ages 4+ I think this is an interactive plush toy that will be a best buddy throughout 2020 for anyone lucky enough to find him under the tree this Christmas!

Look for Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba this holiday season at ($99.97), Walmart ($99.97), Toys R Us ($129.99) and Indigo ($129.95).

I’ve got a Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba looking for his forever home with one lucky reader! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing your own memories of The Lion King – maybe you saw the original in theaters like me, or maybe you loved the new version released this summer more? ** Note ** This giveaway will end December 23rd and will be sent to the winner after Christmas!


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  • I havent seen the newer version actually. just the original , which i watched with my dad and brothers for the first time and remember crying but trying to hide it cause i was with my bros lol. great movie except for that one really sad part

  • I love the lion king when I first saw it was in 1994 I can never forget this movie. It’s forever in my heart ❤️

  • We took our grandson to see the new Lion King movie in 3D and we all loved it. The music & special effects were really awesome!

  • This movie means a great deal to me. I used to watch it over and over with my little cousin who sadly passed away at a young age. I bought him a little simba toy that purred when the movie came out and his mom still has it. This is by far my favourite Disney movie.

  • I can’t actually remember seeing the original Lion King all the way through. Maybe I should revisit the original before I see the new version!

  • I remember watching it with my siblings growing up on VHS. It was a very impactful yet funny movie, I love watching it with my kids, although we have yet to see the remake! .. I know I know

  • I do remember seeing the first one in the theater as a kid. I also remember watching this with my niece and enjoying every moment.

  • I have only seen the original movie, but I would love to see the live version. The live version looks like it is pretty good, unlike some other live versions,

  • I saw them both. The original is my favourite, I watched it 1000 time and every single time, I get teary. Beautiful story!

  • I saw the first Lion King in theatre when it first came out. It was the first movie I saw with boyfriend (now my husband!) And we both loved it!

  • I loved the original movie when I was a kid. My mom surprised my sister and I with a trip to Toronto to see the musical. It was amazing!

  • I saw the original Lion King movie in my hometown’s local theatre that is no longer operating. I went with some friends and loved it. I am pretty sure it was the year I graduated high school. I haven’t seen the new one yet.

  • The Lion King is one of my favourite movies, I loved the original version, loved the broadway musical and I really like the new movie

  • I saw the original in theatres. This past summer, I took my boys to see the live action musical for their birthdays. It was the third time that I was lucky enough to see it in person and I think I loved it more each time.

  • I haven’t seen the new version released this summer but I loved the older version. We watched it but not as much as some of the other Disney Movies.

  • I saw the original In the theatre….I think it is the one that I myself prefer today although my granddaughter liked the new one as well

  • Haven’t seen the new version yet, but I grew up watching the original animation and loved it! I knew all the songs 🙂

  • I saw the original Lion King with my own children when it first came out and now I’ve watched it countless times with my grandchildren and still get teary at the sad parts. Hopefully I’ll get to see the new version sometime soon.

  • I saw the original in the theatre on Christmas day when I lived down in St. Maarten and didn’t have any family with me. My friend and I had Christmas dinner and then we went to see the movie.

  • I went to see Lion king as a child and it apparently made me quite sad when simba grew up. I love the original even now. I thought the remake was just ok. I watched it with my son which i thought was nice to share with him but it made me sad that it wasn’t as good as the original

  • My cousins introduced me to the Lion King when we were kids. We liked to play like we were Simba and Nala. I haven’t seen the live action one yet

  • This is super cute! We went to the new one this summer as a family. I laughed and cried and hugged my kids tight. Such a good movie. They loved it too!

  • i love the old lion king. i can’t bring myself to watch the new one. I don’t want to ruin my admiration for the old version

  • We had a VHS of the Lion King and it got LOTS of love, and then I took my kids to see the new one this past summer!

  • I haven’t seen the new version yet, but I remember as a kid I absolutely loved The Lion King!! I watched it sooo many times that my dad had to go buy another tape because our VCR player chewed up the film lol

  • One of my all time favorites. I remember going with my siblings to see the first. I also watched Lion King on Broadway which was absolutely amazing!

  • I remember taking my daughter to the original Lion King. She had all the stuffies and characters. Almost 30 years later, she has all the toys (which she saved for our grandson), She made it a point to see the new one and she said she loved the graphics.

  • I used to be a nanny to a little girl and it was all she wanted to watch. I enjoyed the movie but after “hundreds” of times I was dreading it.

  • The Lion King was my favourite Disney movie as a kid! We watched it sooo many times. I saw the live action version this year, and I thought they did a really great job! Would love to win this Simba for my son. We read the Lion King book together and he loves the characters, especially Timon and Pumba!

  • I remember seeing the original in the theater but I wasn’t a huge fan until I had my first son and he loved it so much that it made me love it too.

  • I remember when the original was released. My mom took us all to go watch it in the theaters! I instantly fell in love and my brother who was 4 at the time was obsessed. My mom bought us the VHS right when it came out and we must have watched it a million times. hahahaa.
    I did enjoy the new version with my children. They were instantly captivated.

  • I remember the original movie and being enthralled with the graphics and the soundtrack of the Lion King. I can’t guess how many times I have watched it since! So many! I’ve yet to see the latest version.

  • My son has been a long term Lion King fan. His passion has been reignited since the release of the new movie!

  • We have not seen the new version as we babysat our Granddaughter so her parents could go see it for a night out.

  • I saw the original in theatres in my teens and just loved it! I had Lion King everything for a long time – cups, stickers, notebooks, shirts… you name it! I even bought kissing Simba and Nala stuffies – they have magnets in their noses that make them kiss – so cute! I still have them and my kids play with them now.

    I took my oldest to see the new version in the theatre. We both loved it! 🙂

  • I saw the original when it first came out and my children watched it over and over! A friends wedding theme was actually the Lion King and she had an entire room dedicated to her special Lion King keepsakes!

  • I saw it with my son and he loved it we purchased the video when it came out and he watched it so much we had to buy a second one.