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Love To Hug Elmo

By Brittany Caffet

Before my son Henry was diagnosed with Down syndrome, toys were just toys. Things to keep children entertained and happy throughout the day. Since his diagnosis, I’ve come to realize that they can be incredibly useful sensory learning tools, especially for a child with special needs! Love To Hug Elmo is a fantastic option for sensory play!

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the senses. There are five main senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Henry is only 2 months old (quite a bit younger than the recommended age of 18 months + for this toy), but he is already using so many of his senses every time I set Love To Hug Elmo beside him!

Elmo’s soft fur is so great for Henry’s sense of touch! He reaches out for Elmo whenever I set him within his line of sight and runs his little hands over the plush surface. He also really seems to enjoy grabbing on to the smooth, hard surface of Elmo’s eyes!

Love To Hug Elmo’s bright red colour is so eye catching! While experts aren’t exactly sure how much color newborns can see, they believe that babies are able to begin noticing different hues at about the 2 month mark. Placing Elmo near Henry gives him something to focus on and reach out to, utilizing his sense of sight and strengthening his motor skills!

Sound is another extremely important sense that Love To Hug Elmo stimulates! Elmo talks to your child, sings songs, giggles… You can even switch the language from English to Spanish!

Sesame Street has been helping children learn and develop for over 50 years, and Elmo has been beloved by kids across the world for many of those! Love To Hug Elmo is already a favourite toy of Henry’s (and mine!), and I know that we will continue to reap the sensory benefits of this toy for years to come!

Look for Love To Hug Elmo at ($28.94), Walmart ($28.94), and Toys R Us ($29.97) this holiday season.

We’ve got Love To Hug Elmo set aside for a lucky blog reader! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this post sharing who you’d love to gift Elmo to this holiday season and you’ll be in to win!


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