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GoSili Stocking Stuffers

By Brittany Caffet

Juice boxes. Plastic bags. Individually wrapped snacks. Kids come with a lot of trash! As our family expands, I am becoming more and more aware of the amount of waste that we create on a daily basis. I know that there are some drastic measures that we could take, and maybe someday we’ll get there… but for now, introducing a few products into our home that will help to reduce some of that waste seems a lot more realistic of a change! GoSili products make it easy to make the “green” choice day in and day out!

GoSili products are made with European-grade silicone products are plastic-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and made to last. The Stretchy Lid Straw Cups have quickly become a favourite around our house. There is a stainless steel ring inside the top of the cups, ensuring that they hold their shape, even when in the hands of a toddler! They are very durable, so they will be the perfect cup for Henry to learn to drink from (and most likely toss from his high chair a time or two) when the time comes! Because of Henry’s Down syndrome diagnosis, we will be introducing straws as soon as possible. Drinking from a straw can help to strengthen very important muscles in his face and mouth that will help with speech and eating in the future. GoSili’s silicone straws will be the perfect way to introduce him to drinking from a cup! There are sippy cup options available from GoSili as well that are perfect for any typical baby!

When out and about, you can leave the cup at home and just bring along the Siliskin lid and straw! The spill proof lid is super stretchy and fits over any cup. They are super lightweight and fold up small, making it a breeze to tuck them into your diaper bag or purse and pull them out when you need them.

The reusable sandwich bags are perfect for taking snacks on the road, to school, or to work!

All of GoSili’s products are both dishwasher and microwave safe – necessary requirements for any busy family! With all of our other child friendly cups, I constantly find myself closely inspecting the seals, looking for any slight hint of mould and tossing it in the trash if I find some. Thanks to the simple design and easy to clean material, I am always confident that our GoSili cups are clean, safe, and ready for my family to enjoy their next drink out of!

A few small changes really can make a big difference, and I’m so excited to use our GoSili products to reduce our family’s waste over time!

Perfect stocking stuffer ideas for families with kids, or any one really who wants to take a step to reduce waste in their household, GoSili products can be found in Canada at Walmart,, and

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