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Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby

By Brittany Caffet

Elizabeth has always had a love for babies, but when we brought our son home, that love turned into a true obsession. She wants to do EVERYTHING for Henry – feed him, burp him, change him, hold him, rock him to sleep… it’s adorable, but sometimes all of that help can become a bit of a hindrance! Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby is the perfect toy to keep Elizabeth busy while I take care of her little brother.

Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby is such a fun, interactive toy! She talks, moves, eats, and even poops (Elizabeth thinks that feature is hilarious)! Tons of accessories are included – a feeding tray, bib, bowl, spoon, sippy cup, comb, 2 packets of powdered doll food, and 2 diapers. You can buy additional doll food and diapers separately. When you go to feed baby with her spoon or her sippy cup, she actually opens up her mouth and gulps the food down!

This adorable doll has over 50 sounds and phrases. With the flip of a little switch on the back, baby changes from asking “mama” to do things to asking “dada!” Dolls aren’t just for girls, and I’m already excited for the day that Henry can play with Baby Alive too! Don’t worry about setting aside time to assemble or running around the house looking for batteries – this doll is ready to play the moment you take her out of the packaging!

Elizabeth absolutely loves this little doll, and I love the bit of free time that it buys me! If you’re looking for a toy that encourages independent play, I definitely recommend Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby!

Look for Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby at ($49.97), Walmart ($49.97) and Toys R Us ($49.97).

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