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A New Christmas Tradition: Reindeer In Here

By Brittany Caffet

Tradition is such an important part of the Christmas season. Whether your family goes out and cuts down a tree together, watches the same movie every Christmas Eve, or bakes cookies using Grandma’s special recipe, you’re creating memories that will last your children a lifetime.

I’m always on the lookout for new traditions that I can start with my young family, and I was so excited when I heard about Reindeer In Here! Santa sends the Reindeer In Here Book & Plush Set to your home at the beginning of the Christmas season.

Your child gets to name their reindeer (Elizabeth chose to name ours Bill… don’t ask me where she comes up with these things!) and then cuddle up to read the story book that comes along with him! While reading the story book your children will be introduced to characters who are a bit unique including a snowman with a candy-cane nose, a seal with a permanent smile, and an adorable little reindeer with one antler smaller than the other. Like these characters, every child is unique and different, which is why Santa needed to send Reindeer In Here to get to know your family a little better! Just before Christmas, they’ll report back to Santa and let him know exactly what your child needs.

I love the way that this new Christmas tradition celebrates the differences between all of us. When my son Henry was diagnosed with Down syndrome, one of my biggest fears was that he would be left out or made to feel inferior because he is a little bit different. Teaching our children the importance of being inclusive starts early, and I absolutely love incorporating that lesson into a fun family tradition!

We’ve welcomed Reindeer In Here into our family with open arms. Elizabeth loves carrying our reindeer around the house and telling him all of the wonderful things that make her (and her little brother!) unique. We already can’t wait for him to come back next year!

Reindeer In Here can be found in Canada at Bed, Bath & Beyond ($44.99), ($56.24), and if you visit the SHOP page on and click “Buy In Store” you can search for store locations near you that carry this product (I found a Pharmasave near me that has it!)

To enter to win Reindeer In Here, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this post sharing who you’d gift this to this holiday season, and you’ll be in to win!


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