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Skin Care Hydration Hack: Succulents!

The weather is changing and so are your skin care needs. Sweater weather comes with the need to hydrate, and Arbonne has created a hydration hack to lock in much-needed moisture.

The new Arbonne Bio-Hydria Collection features Edulis, a powerful moisture-magnet succulent with leaves that have the super-power ability to manage and maintain water absorption, to leave skin plump and dare we say…succulent?

I received all 5 items just last week so I’m brand new to trying the Bio-Hydria five-step regimen. The Bio-Hydria regimen of products are made for women (and men!) who are looking for products that deliver on the skin’s fundamental need for one thing: Hydration, a critical element for core skin health. The products are simple, easy to use and make my skin feel refreshed, not tight. I – right away – loved how my skin felt after using the Gel Cleanser from day one. I hate the tight after-feel skin can get after cleanser use and I experience none of this which is awesome.

Also worth noting, the Bio-Hudria product line contains sustainably sourced aloe vera, containing vitamins and minerals that are taken from the inner part of the leaf. The products are also Vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Product Details:

Bio-Hydria Eye Gel: Pat this magical-looking gel around your eyes and watch the pearlescent pigments help visibly brighten the appearance of dark circles. $53

Bio-Hydria Gel Cleanser: This gel cleanser lathers into a delicate foam that cushions your skin as it rids the surface of makeup and impurities. Witch hazel in the formula helps soothe the skin so it’s left feeling comfortable, not taut. $30

Bio-Hydria Gel Cream: This pudding-like cream absorbs quickly to soothe and moisturize skin, with botanicals like organically farmed witch hazel and sustainably sourced aloe vera that leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and supple. $50

Bio-Hydria Liquid Serum: An innovative serum that boasts a crushed jelly texture that breaks to a cool, thin layer over your skin to provide instant hydration as our proprietary sustainable edulis cellular water helps maintain critical moisture. $56

Bio-Hydria Infusion: Healthy Living inside and out can be yours with a chamomile, thyme and rosemary blend as an infusion to help support hydration. Make this infusion a delicious part of your daily self-care rituals to help you support your most authentically beautiful looking self. $21

Arbonne Canada has graciously set aside the full set of all 5 Bio-Hydria products for one lucky reader to win (total prize value $210). To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing why you’d love to win, and you’re in!


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