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Epson Printer Giveaway

While back-to-school shopping is well behind us, I know parents like me are still shopping for all the other items kids need throughout the school year. One day just last week I was looking for umbrellas (since we had found only one in a closet and my girls were arguing over it) and then on the weekend we purchased new winter jackets for everyone in the family (it was a sale, I couldn’t resist!)

One item that might surprisingly end up on your shopping list is printer ink. It’s one of those things, of course, that most times you realize you need when it’s too late. I find that the older my kids get, the more the need for printing all the things emerges. This year already my 10th grade son is printing homework, my 6th grade daughter is printing homework and music for band, piano and singing lessons, and my 3rd grade daughter asked to print lyrics for her favorite songs so she and her friends could sing at recess.

The Epson EcoTank® ET-2760 All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer ($379.99) is a versatile and cost-effective printer that can handle school assignments and print jobs for the whole family.

GET THIS, PARENTS: The printer itself comes with enough ink in the box to handle printing for the whole family for up to two years! (Based on average monthly document print volumes of about 150 pages.)

It’s referred to as a Supertank printer because it can hold so much ink and then comes with even more ink in the box – you’re good to go with anything your kids request!

This printer also handles auto two-sided printing and photo printing capabilities too. Surprisingly, for all it’s functionality and Supertank capacity, the printer itself has a pretty sleek space saving design and takes up very little space. We keep ours in our rec-room, taking up one half of a small bookshelf.

Curious on finding out more? You can find the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer at, Best Buy, London Drugs and Staples! The suggested retail price is $379.99 but you can find it on sale for $299.99 at Staples right now!

One lucky family is going to win an Epson EcoTank ET-2760 All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer delivered to their door this fall! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and clic BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this blog post sharing why your household would benefit from this printer, and you’ll be in to win!


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  • I would love to win this printer.
    We have 2 businesses from home and we try so hard to minimize what we print in order to reduce costs.

    This printer would be a game changer for us.

    Thank you Fiesty Frugal & Fabulous and Epson for the chance! (Fingers crossed)

  • I teach Preschool and I have 15 adorable kids in my class. That means lots of printing; colouring pages, activities, newsletters, etc. This printer would make my life a lot easier.

  • Our family would so benefit from this printer as ours just quit! ‘It’s the season for printing galore for our kids and it would help the budget if we could win one!

  • We could really use this printer! Our current printer won’t connect to our wireless internet for some reason and we are constantly out of ink even though we don’t print all that much. This sounds like the answer to all of our printing problems.

  • I dont have a printer I always have to run to the library to print things I would love to be able to print out school projects and patterns for knitting at home

  • my household would benefit from this printer because it would be useful for homework, projects and I am doing geneology and have have endless things I need to print out and pictures to print!

  • I do a lot of work from home and online stuff for leisure that requires printing – this would be excellent to have a good quality printer!

  • Oh wow this would be so amazing to win, I print a lot and having this machine with the tanks, sure would save on ink!

  • This would be great for my home office and keeping me organized. Everyone in the family could use it for school, work or just generally like for printing out a recipe.

  • Our current printer burns through ink at an alarmingly expensive rate! A less waste option is always good too.

  • We need a major upgrade from the printer we have right now.. it doesn’t always print or says error! Now that I have a K student, I need to print schedules so important to have a working printer!

  • I would benefit from this printer because it could print my school work at home instead of having to go to to a library.

  • My household would benefit from this printer because we currently don’t have one and my older daughter especially needs one for school. So far her teachers have allowed her to email them her assignments this year and they print them for her, but we’ll need to get our own printer ASAP. I would also love it for printing coupons, schedules and photos.

  • I have a small business and print on a weekly basis. I only have a black and white, so this would be awesome!

  • Our family is always printing something. Important documents, applications, kids pictures, kids creations, etc.

  • My printer goes through ink like crazy and it’s big. I could really use a new printer that is small and one that I don’t have to buy expensive ink cartridges for.

  • I could really use a printer that can handle all my computer projects, including color. This looks awesome. And great for homework, too.

  • I would love to win this. With my kids always needing to print stuff off for school this would be perfect.

  • We use a printer for work, projects, and for hobbies so this would really come in handy for us. My current printer goes through an unbelievable amount of ink and the fact that this printer comes with enough ink to last for 2 years is fantastic!

  • It seems like we are always buying ink cartridges so this printer would be great. I really do not like the waste from cartridges that may not be recycled so this would be a great alternative for everyone.

  • This printer would be great for us – especially the two-sided printing and photo-quality! We do a lot of printing and would certainly put this to good use.

  • Having a couple small businesses, and a child just entering school, I can see our household doing a lot.of printing.

  • You know when you have to cross your fingers when you refill the ink cartridges for my printer (can’t buy replacement cartridges for it anymore) that it’s time to look for a new printer. The Epson EcoTank ET-2760 All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer would fulfill all my printer needs and more!

  • love to own this printer. We own a business and have kids in school. It would sure come in handy since the old one broke yesterday. I would save this one for the kids and get a new scanner/printer for the business

  • I would love it to print pattern, I do some sewing and knitting! I always find my pattern online! Also printing my favourite recipes. Thank you! It would be amazing.

  • I could really use a new printer as mine is probably about 8 years old, hard to get ink for and this one has great features, I love that it prints double sided

  • I’d love to win this since I don’t have a colour printer only a black and white one and a lot of times colour would be so much better.

  • We would benefit from this printer as my wife is a VP of a company and she prints a lot of resumes and other work materials at home. We also print coupons, groupons and movie tickets on our current printer.

  • Our household could benefit from this printer as my husband is always printing recipes and the two sided printing would be great for that.

  • Been struggling with various print quality issues with our current old epson printer. This would be great to get good prints running.

  • This printer would benefit my household because everyone is always printing something, whether it’s stuff for my husbands job or recipes I’ve found. It would be nice to have a better more economical printer in the house.

  • So many needs requiring a printer including coupons for grocery shopping. We could participate easier with a printer at home.

  • I am finding that while our current (very inexpensive) printer is adequate for very simple tasks, it just doesn’t perform well for color printing or anything more than basic B&W document-type copying. And why am I running out of ink so often? And why is it so crazy expensive???

  • Seems like our old printer is guzzling the ink, and it is pretty expensive to keep replacing it, so this printer would be such a welcome relief!

  • My current printer costs so much for ink that I don’t print as much as I’d like. This great printer would allow me to print so much more, because it’s must less expensive for ink.

  • This would be amazing our current printer is in my husbands office which is expensive to run. Having one.for the family would be so helpful

  • The supertank would benefit our household……..with 4 kids, who have projects that need printing along with random everyday printing we get through a fair bit of ink

  • It would be lovely to print pictures, research and other info we need. A reliable printer is always needed in a busy family.

  • My printer is so old and doesn’t work properly anymore. I would love this printer so much because of how much ink is included! It seems to run out so fast! Sounds like an awesome printer. Thank you.

  • With two kids in high school and myself making up lesson plans we are always using a printer and mine is not far off from a dot matrix.

  • I love that this Epson printer has an all-in-one cartridge. It also rates well for photo printing. Our printer is getting older now and the ink costs a fortune. As a freelance writer, this printer would certainly be a welcome addition to my home office! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  • My family would benefit from this printer because our current printer is over ten years old. I have one teen in high school and one in college for a creative writing degree. We print a lot of stuff off. On a single income things like this are not easily replaced in our family.

  • I have been operating without a printer for 4 years and with my daughter in grade 6 I find I am needing one more often. Would love to win thanks for the opportunity!

  • I have a small home based business for which I need to have hard copy documentation. This would be perfect for me!

  • This would be a great printer to have since we are always running out of ink so then I could easily print recipes and documents.

  • With a daughter in high school, some courses she is doing at school & some are at home online, there are a LOT of assignments that require us to print. I find I run out of ink quickly & replacement cartridges are quite expensive. This would benefit our household mostly because of that Supertank of ink!

  • Our household would benefit from this printer because they kids always have stuff to print out for school projects, etc.

  • I would love to win this printer. As my daughter gets older, the need for printing becomes more. Our current printer is out of ink and could use replacing.

  • I have an old Epson that needs to be replaced. I am tried of buying cartridges for it. I had worked like a charm for many years but it is time to part. I love to own a more modern one that is wireless and can connect of all the devices in the family not just my laptop. This printer sounds amazing.

  • My middle schooler will surely benefit from this because they get electronic copies of classwork but she still prefers to read from paper.

  • We would definitely benefit from this printer since we have a college student and a grade 12 student always printing out homework assignments. We go through ink cartridges like crazy.

  • I don’t have a printer and have to piggyback off my husband’s, which involves a lot of file transfer, time and inconvenience. Having my own printer would make life a lot easier.

  • I would love this for helping my daughter with her school work and working on different projects. This sounds like the perfect printer.

  • So many websites have grocery coupons that need to be printed (sad since everything is online) So I could really use this to save some $$

  • we really need this!! our printer is horrible and we actually havent been able to use it in months. ink is expensive and unfortunately with the printer we have one color goes out and you cant use the printer at all unless you replace the one that is out ( even if i choose to do black and white)

  • A new printer would bring us out of the dark ages, as the kids say! Since ours died about a year ago we have had no printing capabilities.

  • I would love to win this as it seems like I’m having to replace our ink cartridge monthly. My son is a teacher and I do a lot of printing for him for his teachings. The cost of ink is so high that this printer is a steal for that price.

  • Our household would benefit from this printer because ours is not wireless and ink for it is very expensive.

  • Our household would benefit from this printer immensely, as our current ink jet printer is constantly running out of ink, right when we’re in a rush for the print-out! Also, one of our computers can’t connect to our printer because the software isn’t compatible.

  • We have a simple black and white printer that often runs out of ink, leaving us with streaky letters. Not professional looking! This would also be great for those first days of school when the teacher requests photos of the kids/family due the next day!

  • This would be great to have because I limit my printing since the ink is so expensive and it runs out so quickly it seems.

  • With School work and office work to do at home, this Printer would be an awesome one to have !!!!!

  • I desperately need a printer where the ink last a couple years. I feel like I’m always spending a small fortune on replacing ink cartridges. This sounds like the perfect solution.

  • My household would benefit from winning this printer because we haven’t had one in our house for a long time now… would be convenient if we could print our stuff at home instead of doing it elsewhere

  • With my current printer we always run out of ink when it is needed most. This printer would resolve this problem. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • If ever there was a printer better than this for my family, I don’t think i would.

    This is the perfect printer that we would need as Ink costs just as much as printers do.

  • i would love to win this printer! we have small business and try to save $ where we can, ink is more expensive than a new printer is, crazy!

  • Our current printer gave out and with two kids in high school its been a mess lol. This would be incredible 🙂

  • My printer is basic, this is good for I do crafting, print coupons, & other things my printer doesn’t do well.

  • My household would benefit from this printer because we have 2 college students who need to print off readings/papers often, and our current printer is very unreliable!

  • I would love a new printer as ours is old and uses a lot of ink, but can not be adjusted to use less ink!

  • We would benefit as I could print copies of old photos for my sons and daughter who would love to have them.

  • Our current printer is on it’s last legs and has never really worked properly. This new printer looks like such great quality and I know we would use it a lot.

  • I am always printing up things for our Sunday School classes and my family is forever printing homework, worksheets and I also print photos for my Mom. This printer would be put to good use for sure.

  • The Supertank printer would last me for years because I don’t print 150 pages a year but I am always running out of ink in my printer

  • Our family would really benefit from this printer as we have two college students, and two adults who work from home!

  • This would be amazing for our family. I run a business from home and it seems like my ink is always low! Plus on top of that there are school papers to print up and not to mention all the print at home coupons.

  • I would love to win this printer because we only have one printer at home and it is in my home office, so when I am on the phone and someone else needs to print something, it is noisy and distracting.

  • I always seem to run out of ink when I need it the most, it would be nice not to have to worry about it for 2 years

    • Agreed but please follow the entry requirements and answer the question in a comment to be entered to win!

  • My household would benefit from this printer because I’ve recently started my own home business and it would help me print my shipping labels and marketing materials for my packaging! I currently utilize inkjet refill services but this printer would be so much better!

  • Our family does quite a lot of printing and out current printer is very complicating and unreliable . It would be awesome to have an easy to use, more economical printer such as this Epson.

  • Our current printer is on its last legs as my kids have gotten to it. I like that I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of ink with the Epson.

  • Our household would benefit from this printer because it would reduce the stress we feel when the small cartridges run out of ink late at night after the stores are closed.

  • I love printing coupons and my kids need to use printer for homework. I love that the printer itself comes with enough ink in the box to handle printing for the whole family for up to two years … that is amazing and very valuable.

  • My kids just started high school and middle school – bring on the reports and homework! Plus one work-from-home parents makes for additional printing requirements!

  • When we opened our own business, our printer went there. We no longer have one at home. It would definitely be handy rather than taking the boys’ school work to the store to print.

  • With 5 kids in school and me loving to craft, we our printer constantly, but it’s crappy. We’ve been looking into new ones.

  • There are so many learning activities I want to print out for me and my kids to do but we don’t have a printer. This would be awesome!!

  • I have to print out a lot of personal documents and this looks like a really great resource to have for tickets and stuff like that that you need!

  • It would be nice to print out the odd colour picture to hang around the house. Its pretty much just digital around here.

  • Our home printer is ancient which makes it difficult for my tween girls to work on projects at home. We could definitely use a new one.

  • My printer stopped working a few months ago, so I have been on the look out for a new one – this one sounds amazing!!

  • We would benefit from it because we love creating our own cards, crafts. This would be a fantastic item to own!

  • I have kids who are always using the printer and it drinks ink like crazy. I also run a very small home business and this awesome printer would go a long way to keeping down my limited expenses.

  • We do not have a printer, so currently when the kids need to print something for school its super problematic. this would be amazing, thanks!

  • I would really benefit from this printer because in university I’m always printing papers and reports and to have my own printer would be so helpful!

  • This would be perfect for our house as we are constantly running out of ink when we have last minute assignments due.

  • I’d love to win this printer we are moving our office in the house to a more suitable location it been shared with a bedroom ! As a photographer I use only professional products. My images are done through a professional web lab a must is that they are using the best. I’ve seen Canvas Prints done by an Epson a 60×60 and its looks amazing. If you want the best Epson is the best. Id love to have this in my office for my day to day needs.

    The colour and print quality are amazing, truce colours.