ENDY 100 Night Review

When was the last time you bought a mattress? For most of us, it’s likely when you purchased one for the kids. Like most things, as parents, we tend to put ourselves last. With a recent room-switcheroo between our three kids this summer (my teenager finally achieved his goal of a basement bedroom), we had a decision to make. Finally, get a new King mattress for our bedroom and then transfer our mattress to the basement for him, or continue with the current mattresses? I figured it was a good time to make the change, but who wants to go mattress shopping on a beautiful summer day, laying awkwardly in the showroom on a mattress with your husband while a salesperson stares at you?

Introducing Endy a Canadian e-commerce company that sells high-quality foam mattresses directly to consumers (only in Canada!) for less than alternative top brands. Manufactured right here in Canada, Endy mattresses are compression packed and rolled into a box no bigger than a hockey bag. Amazing, right? I wish I could have compression packed my mattress like that when we moved several times over the last decade (don’t get me started on how the movers didn’t even wrap it and how I cringed watching them carry it into my house and against my freshly painted walls!)

No movers needed with Endy! The box is shipped directly to your door FREE in all Canadian provinces, taking about 3-5 days and customers have a full 100 nights to decide if they love their Endy mattress. Not satisfied? They will pick up your mattress free of charge. Wow! That tells me this Canadian company is pretty confident that you’ll love their product! (Mattresses that are returned are fully cleaned and then donated to charity partners across the country.)

Set-up is really easy. You simply take the protective wrap off the mattress (you’re sent a little tool to assist with this so you don’t damage anything with scissors by accident), then position it in place on your box spring/base, and watch it unroll! Your mattress is ready to sleep on right away, but it can take up to one week for it to fully expand. Truthfully, I didn’t notice any difference as the week went on though I’m sure it expanded little-by-little.

From Proudly Canadian-made, the Endy Mattress is made with proprietary Endy Comfort Foam. Endy’s foam has a unique open air cell structure that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, plus temperature control, pressure relief, and reduced motion transfer. Importantly, Endy foam is not like traditional memory foam. While memory foam mattresses sink in the summer and feel firm as a rock in the winter, Endy foam is temperature insensitive. This means it maintains a consistent feel through every Canadian season, no matter the temperature. Plus, the foam’s open air cell technology enhances breathability and cooling throughout the night.

Getting the mattress at the start of our warm Saskatchewan summer, I wondered if the foam in the mattress would make us super-hot. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case. Now that the weather has cooled, I’ve noticed no difference at all in temperature-comfort. A note about the foam used, because I was curious about it: all foam used in making Endy products doesn’t contain harmful chemicals found in other foam products: no formaldehyde, phthalates, or flame retardants.

A new mattress is a big deal! We spend (hopefully) 8+ hours a night in bed, not to mention the countless hours reading, snuggling with the kids, or resting and catching up with each other after a long day while the kids get ready for bed. There IS going to be a difference and you ARE going to feel different the first few nights, especially if your old mattress is…well…as old as your oldest child, for example. I wanted to ensure we were cognizant of that going into this review, and admittedly the first night wasn’t one of those “I’m sleeping beauty and everything is amazing and there are birds singing,” the next morning. The sleep wasn’t terrible at all, it was just different.

It wasn’t until about night 3 or 4 that my body became used to – and then craved – my Endy mattress. I think I had been so used to just sinking into our old mattress (it literally held our shapes) that I didn’t even realize how bad for my body it was. Now, I was going to sleep fully supported on a mattress that cushions my body but doesn’t leave me sinking in, nor feeling like I’m sleeping on a board. It’s the perfect fit for everyBODY.

Now, after 100 nights IN, there is no way I’m giving up my Endy Mattress (I told myself if I hated it I’d swap it out to the spare bedroom) and I’ve recommended it both online and IRL to friends. Yes, there are other mattress-in-a-box companies out there, but I’d urge you to do your homework first and check the quality of products used in the mattress, where it’s made, and of course the reviews from real customers on the website. I AM a real customer, but I’m also very aware I’m an influencer so I understand if people want to read a regular-guy’s review to compare as well!

Ready to jump in and try Endy for yourself? Remember, you have a full 100 nights to try the mattress to ensure it’s for you, so you have nothing to lose (except your Netflix time because you’ll be snoozing more in bed, not watching your iPad!) You can use my discount code TENILLE50 to save $50 on any size of Endy Mattress (and no, I don’t receive any kickbacks or compensation if you order using my code – I’m 100% loving Endy and want you to love it too!)

Disclosure: This is a post in partnership with Endy. I received Endy product in exchange for my review and social posts.


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  • I have heard a lot of good things about the Endy mattress It sounds like the perfect mattress to get comfortable nights sleep

  • Thanks for posting this 100 day review – I’d been waiting for it to hear what you had to say about the mattress. It sounds like it might be the one! I’m glad you addressed the first night’s sleep because I know that it takes a bit to get used to a new mattress. It sounds like a safe bet to try since you have 100 nights to figure it out!

    • Yes, you can’t base your review of a mattress on that first night – which is crazy when you think about how we base our purchase decision after 2 minutes in a furniture store!

  • This sounds like my kind of mattress, I have only ever slept on spring mattresses and in fact the one I have now is my mothers hand me down, and it’s OLD!! I need to invest in one of these!

  • Wonderful review! I need a new mattress and love the convenience of delivery and a 100 day satisfaction trial. Makes my decision easy and it really does look comfortable.

  • I have had difficulties with sleeping through my entire parade of mattresses. I am definitely willing to try Endy after your positive review!

  • This looks and sounds like a great mattress, I have heard many good things about Endy and when I am looking for a new mattress this will certainly be on my list of possibilities

  • I have been hearing a lot about this mattress!!! definitely going to have to look into it for our bed. our mattress is so uncomfortable

  • Endy mattresses have been in the news quite a bit lately. I have heard nothing but great reviews and would love to try one out myself. I’m glad you said that you are a real customer and giving a true review. It’s time for a new mattress and hopefully I can convince my husband to try the Endy.

  • Great review! I have been hearing great things about the Endy mattress. I really like that it has reduced motion transfer and temperature control. It is a mattress that I will certainly consider when I am in the market for a new one.

  • would love to try one therefore the 100 day trial is a great feature….it does sound wonderful….but I would have to let my back be the judge of that for sure!

  • I’ve been waiting for your review! We are in the market to buy a new mattress, and knew your review would pull us towards Endy! Thanks Tenille!

  • We have been looking for a new mattress but with all the different brands it is so hard to know which one is best. I like the idea of being able to use for 100 nights and if not liked you can return for free.

  • I have seen this brand and have wondered if it was a good mattress. Reading the review certainly helps me see that is a great mattress.

  • Thanks very much for this helpful review on the Endy mattress. I was concerned about the foam contents of the mattress and was pleased to see that they don’t contain harmful chemicals that are found in other foam products: no formaldehyde, phthalates, or flame retardants.

  • I have been hearing a lot of great things about Endy mattress! I’m definitely going to be looking into getting one for my bed. I also love that they give you 100 nights to try it out.

  • I am still unsure of ordering online as I like to try a mattress out before buying; but I have heard nothing but great things about Endy!

  • My sister loves her Endy and had great customer service when she needed it so will definitely have Endy on our list for our next mattress purchase!

  • Having a good nights sleep is so important, and finding the perfect mattress is the trick. Envy mattresses seem to be that perfect mattress, I as well have here so many good things about them.

  • I have heard lots of raves and reviews about the Endy but I am still skeptical to try it. Even with the 100 day trial it makes me super nervous. I may try it one day though and love hearing everyones experiences.

  • I’m leaning more towards an Endy mattress. It seems like it’s an all around great match. I love the ship to home, I agree I’m sure it’ll take a few sleeps To get used to it especially coming from an old crummy mattress

  • A good sleep is the difference between an okay day and a great day ahead. Nice to see there is a comfortable option that comes right to your door.

  • Yes I remember the Endy team on the Dragon’s Den saying how their mattresses are great for Canadian weather, that they don’t get too hot or the foam get too cold, but stay regulated in temperature!

  • We’re in the market for a new mattress after Christmas and have been hearing a lot about ENDY. I like how easily it is delivered and the 100 night tryout is something I really like. Look forward to reading more about your review of this mattress.