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Let’s Get Zen This Summer

OK, listen here moms (and dads, and grandmoms…but mostly moms), we’re in the final stretch of the school year and summer vacation is here. It happened so fast, and I’m definitely unprepared.

We have some vacation plans this summer, visiting family and friends, but now that my kids are getting older, they’re not as interested in the summer camps available in the city. So, they’ll be hanging out with friends, riding bikes and enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer. I, in turn, will be at turn with freezies, popsicles and lots of ice water at the ready while trying to maintain some sort of work-life balance and enjoying the sunshine too!

I have been using an oil diffuser in my home all winter and spring, and summer is not the time to stop. It helps promote wellness and a feeling of calm in my day, and summer will certainly have a need for that.

The Blooming Flower Ultrasonic Diffuser from Avon Canada is the perfect summer addition to any household, especially a busy one like my own where kids will be in and out, chaos will be created, and anything to help bring a sense of calm and wellness is appreciated. It helps clear the air, maintaining the integrity and maximum effectiveness of essential oils. Now, about those oils! Avon Canada has a great variety of essential oils for many ailments and uses. I received:

Avon Pure Sweet Dreams Essential Oil – This infusion of Lavender and Roman Chamomile helps create a serene and calming environment and promotes restful thoughts. Highly concentrated and expertly crafted, with your well-being in mind.

Avon Pure What a Relief – Help your senses regain clarity and balance. Diffuse the air with relaxing lavender and thyme, blended with refreshing lemon and peppermint.

Avon Pure Happiness – Exhilarating mix of grapefruit, orange and lemon. Infuse the air with fresh scent. Highly concentrated and expertly crafted, with your well-being in mind.

Avon Pure Monthly Blues – Infuse your space with the warm and comforting scents of lavender, lemongrass and clary sage.

I’ve been using Avon Pure Essential Oils in my household since last year, and have been very happy with every single one. I don’t have a favorite, as I’ve tried the ones above and several others, but Avon Pure Happiness is probably the one I reach for most. I like the scents blended together, and who doesn’t like a little extra happiness in the air every day?

Look for the Blooming Flower Ultrasonic Diffuser (reg $69) and Avon Pure Essential Oils (reg price $17-$25) online at or contact your local Avon representative to order!

I’ve got an amazing giveaway for readers today! Someone is going to win the Avon Blooming Flower Ultrasonic Diffuser + 4 Avon Pure Essential Oils so they too can capture some zen this summer! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this post sharing your thoughts on it! Do you use essential oils already? Are you curious to start, if not?


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