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Collectible toys are *everything* right now. Crossing both genders with mass appeal, whether they’re collecting cards, vehicles, unwrapping one thing or another, the appeal is there. Kids want to collect, and they want more. So, toy brands are continually sharing new ideas for this type of toy.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to check out a new collectible toy from toy brand TOMY. Ritzy Rollerz™ is a brand new line of collectible characters that you can customize and accessorize with cute, interchangeable ritzy wheel charms. Each character has their own name with their own unique look and a booty trunk with a surprise hidden inside (the booty trunk also acts as a storage to hold all of your ritzy wheel charms later!)

We received two Ritzy Rollers sets: Sprinklez On Wheelz ($19.99) and Heelz On Wheels ($19.99). The Sprinkelz On Wheelz playset is packed full of sweet fun. It opens to reveal a donut shop and includes 16 random Ritzy Charms and Donut Dani wearing an exclusive teal and blue fashion you won’t find anywhere else. It has an opening Ritzy Charms drawer, display case and a slide out ramp. The Heelz On Wheels playset opens to reveal a shoe shop and includes 16 random Ritzy Charms and Helena Heelz wearing an exclusive teal and purple fashion accented with silver sparkles. This fabulous shoe shop on wheels features a rotating charm closet, folding charm display and a dressing room with a mirror.

This adorable line of collectible toys lets you customize the wheels with super posh Ritzy Charms! Ritzy Charms can be swapped with all Ritzy Rollerz characters and playsets! Ritzy Charms fit any Ritzy Rollerz wheels, making it easy to choose your favorite fashion for the day – Style the Ritzy Rollerz your way and trade with friends. With cozy fur, shiny chrome, delightful sparkles, and even soft flowing hair to brush and style, Ritzy Rollerz each wear a fun fashion finish that they love to show off. There’s even a Ritzy Rollers series on You Tube!

Ritzy Rollers playsets can be found at Toys R Us locations or online at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Ritzy Rollers and Toys R Us. All opinions and commentary are, as always, my own.


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