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Get Zen Delivered To Your Door

We live in a beautiful time, don’t we? Just this week – while my girls were getting ready for school – I ordered two pairs of new leggings. I opted for the free delivery, no thank you to paying $$$ for overnight delivery, and carried on with my day. Imagine my delight when the very next morning, my leggings were delivered at my door anyway! While not every online ordering experience is that quick, it sure makes me think how lucky we are to live in the times we live in right now. Want new makeup? A slow cooker? Maybe a new dress? You can order anything and everything online to your door (it’s no wonder I haven’t achieved permanent hermit status.)

Avon, of course, has been achieving at-home delivery for decades! Whether through your local neighbourhood Avon representative, or online searching and shopping, Avon brings Canadians everything from make-up to kitchen decor and more at great prices and speedy delivery.

Over the past few years I’ve tried a variety of candles from Avon in our household. They, of course, update their selection of scents for each season and right now they have a lovely variety of spa-inspired scents to choose from! Check out what I have been burning in my household lately!

Reflection Candle – Meditate in quiet contemplation with sea salt, sage, cedarwood and chamomile.
Zen Candle – Discover a state of enlightenment with sandalwood, vanilla orchid, amber and exotic cardamom.
Harmony Candle – Find balance and get in sync with your surroundings with bergamot, sea salt, green tea, lotus and bamboo.
Energy Candle – Uplift your mood and revitalize your spirit with lemon, bergamot, mint, thyme and sage.

These candles retail for $19.99 and can be ordered online at or through your local Avon representative. Don’t know one? I find the easiest way to find one is to simply ask on your social media – people are always willing to share referrals!

One lucky reader is going to WIN all four of the candles shared in this post from Avon (total retail value $79.96). To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN. Then just leave a comment on this post sharing which scent sounds the most intriguing to you!


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