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Reading Goals For 2019

One of the things I want to do more of in 2019 is read. I’ve loved reading as a past time since the first grade, and it’s something that – like many of our favorites – gets pushed aside as we get older when family and work responsibilities take precidence. This year, I need more of the things I love. NEED. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit on my deck, reading a book in the sun. In the winter, my reading has typically slowed down because I don’t have a “reading spot” like I do in the summer. I need to change that.

In the meantime, I grab a few chapters where I can and thanks to a requested gift I got from my kids in the form of this handy reading light that dangles around my neck, I can snuggle up with a book before bed now too. It looks a little odd but it works!

In 2018 I had a goal to read 18 books, and ended up reading 19! In 2019, you guessed it, it’s 19 books as a goal but let’s see if I can hit 20! The last book I completed in 2018 was You by Caroline Kepnes. It’s a book that – when handing over to a friend to read it once I was done – I said, “Don’t judge me for it!” It’s a little raunchy, a lot suspenseful, and now that it’s been made into a series on Netflix, even more reason to devour the book before the series (I’m halfway through the series and there are some definite differences, so you’ll want to read then watch!)

The first book I’m reading in 2019, thanks to the book club I’m in, is Vox by Christina Dalcher. A note on book clubs – consider joining one for 2019. My book club has brought me several books I wouldn’t have considered reading on my own, and it turns out many of them I absolutely loved! We kind of get into a rut with our reading sometimes, because we gravitate towards what we love (how many variations of Girl On a Train are there?) and book clubs can help you get out of that rut and introduce you to new genres and ideas. I started Vox over the weekend and I can’t put it down (I’ll likely finish it today, because I’m promising myself time to read more in 2019 remember). A little bit Handmaids Tale, a little bit (sadly) current events (in the form of the President and his aides in the book, look to CNN or Fox for more fun there), this book is – so far – outstanding and I’ll be sharing it with friends this year for sure.
Two books that I’m also utilizing more so that reading in 2019 are The Five Minute Journal and Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal. I talked about them in a recent segment at Global News Morning Regina here:


As you can see, my reading this year will likely follow the same trend as above – some indulgent gossipy-reads like You, some thought-provoking reads like Vox, and some introspective journaling like the examples from The Five Minute Journal and Just Between Us. What about you, do you have a reading goal for 2019? Or a book you’ve read recently that you loved? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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