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Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

By Brittany Caffet

How do you teach a child about the importance of chores? We make cleaning up a game! Elizabeth loves running around with a broom or duster, wiping the table with a cloth, and “helping” her Dad and I fold laundry. Right now, the only way we can really teach her how to clean up after herself is through play!

The Little People Big Helpers Home from Fisher-Price is a fantastic way to use playtime as an introduction to being helpful around the house! The songs that play when you push one of the many buttons introduce kids to important things like teamwork, playing together, helping others, manners, and kindness! I absolutely love watching Elizabeth’s imagination go wild while she plays with this little house – she carries on full blown conversations with herself as she moves the people, puppy and furniture from room to room! She is able to practice feeding the dog, making the bed, and even putting away the toys (at the push of a button – if only it were that simple in real life)!

The Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home is the perfect size for Elizabeth! It folds up with all of the parts and pieces stored inside, making it easy for her to carry it from room to room in our house. The Little People are just the right size and shape to fit comfortably in her small hands. It is big enough to keep her entertained for ages, but small enough that she is able to roam as she pleases and take it with her!

Something that really stands out to me about the Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home is the colour scheme. All too often the only doll houses available come in one of two options – pink or purple. This colour of this house is completely gender neutral, as it should be! Boys and girls alike will get tons of use out of this toy, no matter what colour it is, and it’s very refreshing to see a company stepping out of the box when it comes to typical gender stereotypes!

Look for the Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home at Toys R Us ($39.99), and Walmart ($29.94).

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