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Baby’s First Blocks

By Brittany Caffet

Elizabeth loves playing with other kids, but there is one very important thing that she has a bit of trouble with sometimes… sharing! When it comes to her favourite dolls or stuffed animals, she has a tough time letting other little ones play with them. Baby’s First Blocks from Fisher-Price is the perfect toy to practice sharing with! There are so many brightly coloured blocks that your child will have no issue handing one or two over to their little friend! We put this theory to the test when Elizabeth’s younger cousin Eli came over for a visit!

Baby’s First Blocks aid your little one’s development at so many different stages! Eli is five months old and practices his fine motor skills by picking up and holding the blocks. 15 month old Elizabeth works on her hand eye-coordination and dexterity each time she picks up a block and drops it in it’s corresponding hole!

The more Elizabeth plays with Baby’s First Blocks from Fisher-Price, the more confident she gets! She will now happily sit on the floor with this toy and play independently for ages. She dumps the blocks, puts the lid back on, sorts the shapes and repeats the process over and over again! The handle makes it so easy for her to bring the bucket with her as she wanders from room to room in our home. The bucket and blocks are nice and sturdy, giving me confidence that they will last through any and all rough toddler play! We have a number of shape sorters with wooden pieces, and I MUCH prefer the plastic that Fisher-Price uses for Baby’s First Blocks. Elizabeth loves to chew on anything and everything, and the plastic is holding up much better against her little chompers than any wood ever has!

Learning how to share is a work in progress (and will be for quite some time, I’m sure!) but finding fun activities like for Elizabeth to do with her friends and family will make the journey so much easier!

Look for Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks at ($14.97), Walmart ($14.97), and Canadian Tire ($14.99).



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