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By Brittany Caffet


When you have a wild one year old running around your house, you get used to hearing things being dropped, thrown, or knocked over regularly. Every time I get a new travel mug or Elizabeth gets a new water cup, it is chipped or dented within days of being brought into our home. As I stared into the massive crater in my recently purchased steel mug, I wondered to myself… is it possible to find cups that are virtually indestructible? Enter GoSili!

GoSili makes stylish, colourful, 100% silicone cups for busy kids and parents! A stainless steel ring imbedded in the silicone keeps them from collapsing when gripped, so they hold their shape remarkably well! They are also nearly impossible to destroy. Falls from counter tops, strollers or high chairs have literally no effect on these cups. Just pick them up, wipe the Cheerio dust from the floor off of them, and continue sipping away!

GoSili cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, something that is essential in our home! I can’t remember the last time I was able to drink an entire hot coffee, so having the option to pop my mug into the microwave for a quick reheat is a godsend! They can also easily be boiled to sterilize, something that we have been doing often with flu season upon us!

My husband has been asking for a new travel mug for Christmas this year, and I’ve put in a special request for Santa to put a silicone mug in his stocking! Anyone of any age would be delighted to find one of these cups beneath the tree. Make your holiday shopping easy this year – go with GoSili!

Look for GoSili cups at,, and your local baby goods store!

One of our readers is going to win 2 products from GoSili – making your stocking stuffer shopping that much easier this holiday season:

GoSili 12oz Silicone Cup
GoSili 16oz Silicone Cup

To enter to win, simply fill in the form below and click BEGIN. Then leave a comment on this post sharing who these gifts would be perfect for! Don’t forget to grab bonus entries for following GoSili on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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