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Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena

By Lisa Dutton

My older son plays hockey, which means my younger son is always in tow as we head out to the rink. He just turned 5 years old, and can be described as a “Rink Rat.” While he is happy to sit and cheer on his big bro, he needs a little more to keep him entertained for the entire season.

The playmobil NHL Take Along Arena has proved to be the perfect take along – TO THE ARENA! Imagine that?! My little guy can pack it all up and carry it himself. He sets up his own little game, which draws a crowd of its own!

The NHL Take Along Arena contains dozens of fun playmobil pieces, but what’s great is its all easily stowed away when the final buzzer goes. It is easy to open, close, lock and carry. The arena includes 2 players and a coach, one of the players even shoots! The nets, pucks, and props will have your child’s imagination going all the way to the Stanley Cup.

The set itself is really sturdy, classic playmobil quality. It took about 30 minutes to get everything assembled, but well worth it. My son really enjoyed helping out with the stickers and set up.

The playmobil NHL Take Along Arena is recommended for kids 5+. Find it at ($59.99), ($59.99) and Mastermind Toys ($59.99).



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