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Christmas Morning Perfection With Breville

In 2018 I jumped on board as an Official Breville Influencer (it deserves capitals!) and have had the opportunity to test a number of products in our home, learning more about them as we figured out how to best utilize them in our busy family. I didn’t have a say in what items were sent, and for the most part every item was very useful in my kitchen. I noticed at the end of the year, I would be sent an espresso machine and told my husband that, “I guess we’ll try it, but would we even really use it?”

I stand corrected. And I’m now the biggest fan of the Breville Bambino Plus! I love when this happens.

You see, while on our holiday in London, there was a Starbucks near our hotel and we would stop in every morning before we embarked on our day. I picked my favorites – drinks that back home in Canada I’d only get perhaps once or twice a month max because of the cost – and thoroughly enjoyed my treat on vacation. Then, when we got home and discovered that the latest Breville product had arrived to review, it dawned on me that now I could have my favorite drinks: vanilla lattes and caramel machiattos, at home! BLISS.

The BambinoTM Plus perfectly suits the coffee enthusiast who is tight on space, but isn’t looking to compromise on high-quality café coffee. The machine is easy to use, with the simplicity and intuitive function, characteristic of a Breville.


I thought that an espresso machine addition in our kitchen meant giving up an entire counter’s worth of space, but that’s not the case with the Bambino Plus.

Breville has designed the Bambino Plus to respect the four key elements, essential for achieving café quality coffee; yet in a new, slim, compact size; ideal for smaller spaces.

Those four key elements?

Perfect Dose
Every good commercial espresso machine uses a portafilter. The BambinoTM Plus uses a 19g porta-filter for barista quality performance, and full-bodied taste.

Precise Temperature
Breville’s precise temperature control (PID technology) detects and minimizes any temperature fluctuations during extraction. The difference between an ashy or balanced tasting espresso can be as little as 2°F.

Optimal Pressure
Low pressure pre-infusion & 9 bar extraction pressure creates a golden honey crema in
your espresso by ensuring the right pressure, at the right time.

Breville’s automatic steam-wand uses the optimal pressure needed to turn your milk into a
silky smooth micro-foam, essential for latte art, and for the perfect integration of both milk
and espresso.

Of course, Breville has more than one amazing espresso machine in their product selection and if you’re unsure of which machine to choose, they’ve got you covered for that too! Check out this page at where you can find the answer to “Which espresso machine is right for me?”

The information about how to choose an espresso machine can be  overwhelming for someone considering purchasing one. That’s why I really love the ingenuity behind the Breville Masterclass! At select locations across Canada, you can lear the tricks to make café quality coffee at home from professional baristas in an engaging session, hands on demonstration covering coffee preparation, measuring, extraction and milk texturing.  There are two options:  1) $20 for an hour long weeknight session at a café location (includes a free 300g bag of freshly roasted coffee) or; 2) Free for a 30 minutes session at destination retail locations. If you live in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver or Montreal, enter the giveaway below to win 2 free passes:


Now, back to the Bambino! The website is full of detailed information on this machine and why it’s different from its competitors. For a newbie household like ours, I found the machine super easy to learn to use and my husband is becoming the morning barista in our household while I sneak a latte in the afternoons now too. It’s just so easy to have cafe quality espresso at home now. My favorite drink: a skinny latte (made with 1% milk) with raspberry and vanilla syrup added (0 calories in each). So delicious!

Breville’s Bambino Plus is available for $699.99 CAD at, and at Breville retailers across Canada now! Check out a Breville Masterclass near you, visit to learn more, and consider asking Santa for this on your Christmas list. True story: we are taking our compact and perfect little Breville Bambino with us to Calgary this Christmas for a delicious addition to Christmas morning!


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