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How To Get Top Marks on Back To School Shopping With Aeroplan!

Back to school shopping can be a stressful time of year for many families. Whether it’s finding the time to actually get to the stores or shop online (my favorite way to shop!) or how to make your family budget stretch just a little bit more during the summer months, it’s not smooth sailing for many families. In this recent CJME Morning Show interview, I shared when the best time to shop for back to school items actually is (hint: now!) and how I seek out the best deals from my favorite stores.

One non-negotiable shopping must for me? Rewards. If I’m going to spend the money on back to school items anyway, I have to ensure that I’m being rewarded as a consumer. I want stores that have rewards programs, and if they don’t, I want to shop online via marketplaces that reward me for utilizing them.

Here’s a great example! Aeroplan Members will be able to earn 5X the miles when they shop via the Aeroplan eStore between August 6-19th! The Aeroplan eStore features over 150 online retailers such as Apple Store Canada, Indigo.ca, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, The Gap, Amazon.ca and more. Members can find special offers on a daily basis from over 10 different product categories including clothing, jewellery, books, electronics, activities, and entertainment too!

Members simply visit Aeroplan.com and then log in at the Aeroplan eStore. You then simply carry on to the websites you were already on your way to anyway, but with this one step ahead of time you’re on your way to earning Aeroplan Miles – in my case that means I’m on my way to more travel!

Throughout the year, shopping online through Aeroplan eStore can earn members at least 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $1 spent (depending on the retailer offer); and double that if they pay with one of the Aeroplan affiliated financial cards.

If you’re not already an Aeroplan member, it’s super-easy to join and you’ll then be on your way along with Aeroplan’s 5 million active members who earn miles on their purchases and reach their travel plans even faster! That’s just smart shopping!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Aeroplan. All opinion and witty commentary is, as always, my own!


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